Use Your Imagination To Achieve Your Book Writing And Publishing Goals FASTER

How To Use Your Imagination To Achieve Book Goals by Earma Brown

How To Use Your Imagination To Achieve Book Goals by Earma Brown

Use Your Imagination To Achieve Your Book Writing And Publishing Goals FASTER

Have you given up, already? Don’t do that. I believe, now more than ever, you can achieve it. Publishing technology has advanced. More and more experts, business professionals and writers are achieving their goals of writing and publishing a book. You can write and publish your book this year, too. Here’s what my students and I have been doing, setting and achieving the goal of writing a book in 100 days. Then, plan to publish it in the next 100 days.  I’m ready to see you achieve your goals, as well. Here are a few more practical goal-achieving tips to help bring your book to market sooner.

1. Say it! (Daily)

->>Talk about your goals. Make them part of your daily conversation with others.

->>Use affirmations. With faith and strong emotions, consistently make positive statements that affirm the achievement of your goals.

2. Feel it! (Daily)

->>Be grateful now. Feel deep gratitude for what you already have.

->>Get exited by the why. You must have a strong desire for your goals. Be sure to identify (write down) plenty of clear reasons why you want to achieve your goals.

->>Emotionalize your goals. Define your goals in terms that excite all your senses.

3. See it! (Daily)

->>Use your imagination. Regularly close your eyes and see yourself achieving your goal with absolute clarity. Imagine it in detail.

->>Create a Vision Board. Put pictures, symbols and words that inspire you on a bulletin board and hang it where you can look at it regularly.

->>Watch video. Discover and watch online videos related to the goals you have.

4. Be it! (Regularly)

->>Act-as-if, it’s already done. Faith it until you make it. In your everday life take actions and make plans as if you’ve already achieved your goals. Start writing Author behind your name. Start  planning what you will do to promote your book. Write a list of people you will notify when it is released.

Do it now; before you forget and end up this time next year re-peating the same goals. If not already, begin by writing your goals down, saying it, feeling it deeply, seeing it clearly, being it, believing it and sharing it.
After you’ve done all that, go for your goals afresh, including writing and publishing YOUR book among the top three.

Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

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