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Book Money Secrets Mine the Gold Called Your Stories

When is the last time you read a truly compelling book? I’m talking about a book with courageous ideas and powerful emotions. One that was movingly expressed, and with a clear (but exciting) sense that the words really mattered to the author and the reader. Perhaps you’ve rarely read a book like that. If you have, the odds are that you’d...

4 BIG Ideas For Your Book

4 BIG Ideas For Your Book That You & Your Readers Love! By Earma Brown

Have you answered this question yet: What shall I write about?  Remember, my B.I.G. acronym stands for books inspire greatness. For now, if you don’t know what to write about, try these questions to help you identify a topic or area of focus. What am I passionate about? What do I want to know about? What can I see myself immersing in...

Book Money Secrets – Mining The Gold In Your Background

Mining The Gold In Your Background

  Have you ever thought: “I feel like I have a gold mine in my backyard?” But then you lost faith in yourself; or wondered how would you ever find it, even if you had a gold mine in your backyard. There’s a proverb in an ancient book that says, if you knew a coin worth a fortune was buried in a certain field, buy the field...