How To Create A Lead Generating Book

How To Create A Lead Generating Book by Earma Brown

How To Create A Lead Generating Book by Earma Brown

Have you wondered how to create a 24/7 lead generating book, everyone is talking about these days. You can start with six ways in my B.U.I.L.D.D. Formula, I teach my students in the updated book camp, 100 Days To A Book. You discover how to create your book’s content to deliver a great message to attract 24/7 leads and generate multiple income streams for you. Of course, there are about forty more methods and techniques to do this but I want to share one of the best ones with you first.

Introduce your book to potential readers and website visitors with a free resource developed from your book or closely related material to your book’s topic. Here’s where many people get stuck.  They think they have to re-invent the wheel and come up with an amazing product that takes months to complete. Wrong! All you need is something your target visitor will scramble all over herself to download. This can be as simple as a tip sheet or template. But your incentive has to be:

  • Timely – Right on the cutting edge of an industry change, for example – get started before your competitors even see what to do
  • YOUnique – As in: no one is offering it like you are offering it.
  • Practical – Make it something they could really use in order to be successful.
    o Make sense of existing but confusing instructions in your industry.
    o Teach a single task.
    o Teach how to do a task quickly
    o Teach a ‘how to’ do a task more effectively and professionally than your peers
    o Explain something complex.
    o Overcome a “block”
    o Produce transforming results

Next, ask yourself what insight, skills, experience, expertise or knowledge you can bring to creating this incentive. Create a list of six possible incentives – then choose the one that will:

inspire your potential subscribers the most and
Be the easiest for you to produce – or outsource

Then produce it!
(Remember – Keep it SIMPLE Sweetie!) Consider free chapter, mini-course based on book or litmus test on book’s topic.

Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

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Best wishes for your wildly successful book,
America’s Book Success Coach, Creator of 100 Days To A Book

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