5 Writer Website Elements That Make Your Web Visitors Go WOW

Are you ready to create your author or writer website but wonder what should go in it. You might be asking what a client of mine asked, “What should the content be?” For one thing like all other kinds of websites, you must first establish the purpose of your website. Then you establish who you are, what your topic is and what makes you different from any other writer website online. For once it’s all about you. Take advantage of your spot of fame (your website).

Here are five elements you must implement to make your web visitors go WOW:

1. Bio. You need a page that tells your visitors about you. You can place a short bio on the home page and a longer version on a page by itself. Let editors and potential readers know who you are, your why and your credentials to back it up. Make it a short story about you with your authority statement included. You know what makes you qualified to write what you write. One more thing, sometimes that doesn’t have anything to do with your education level. In case you don’t have a degree to proudly put in your bio. Be sure to mention your x number of years experience in the hard knocks of life that have prepared you for what you write. For example, if your niche is parenting you can mention the five children you raised that gave you valuable experience. Or you can mention the two children under the age of five you’re currently raising at home.

2. Contact Information. No website is complete without contact information. In your case, you want editors, publishers and your potential readers, clients to be able to contact you. You should at least offer an email address. To cut down on spam from spam bots, you might consider a contact form with captcha. Put your office phone number on your website. As an alternative, you could use an 800 number just for your website(s). I recommend Ureach.com. Also, Google’s beta GrandCentral.com now offers one number that can ring your office and cell phones while hiding your real numbers.

3. Picture of you. Until Facebook came on the scene, many people seemed shy about putting their picture on their website. A couple of years ago, a client of mine was reluctant about posting her picture on her new website. After, she finally gave in and did it she received an overwhelmingly good response. Now she doesn’t hesitate to send over her new pictures for posting. It’s easier for your web visitors to associate with and relate to you when your picture is posted. Visit your favorite local photographer and get head shots professionally done. You might be surprised at how affordable they are. Of course, be mindful that any good photographer will try and tempt you with a full package before you leave. Just say no, unless of course, you want the full package. You might consider scheduling your annual family portraits with your head shots for your author or writer website marketing.

4. Press page. If you are an author or writerpreneur, a press page will make it easier for the media to spread the word about you and your book or product. At least, you want to post your book announcements, press releases, your short version bio, a graphic of your product, a sample, event list and a headshot. Put your online press kit on your website now; so you can be ready when opportunity knocks.

5. Testimonials. Testimonials and great reviews build your credibility leaps and bounds ahead of what you can do on your own. The compliments and recommendations other people offer are usually words you can’t say about yourself. On the earmabrown.org website, I have a simple rolling marquee that flashes a few of the compliments and testimonials I’ve received over the years about my writing, my books, products and now even services. As you gather testimonials, put a few on your home page or create a testimonial page to house all testimonials. On the flip side, don’t hesitate on giving your testimonial for the products and books you love. It extra exposure for you and it’s reciprocal. Remember, when you give it comes right back around to you and more.

Now is the time to make your web visitors go WOW! Don’t procrastinate any longer. Now that you know exactly what should go on your website. Make us proud and develop your new website to represent you and your book.

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