Write And Publish Your Book With A Game Winning Strategy

Write And Publish Your Book With A Game Winning Strategy - Earma Brown

Write And Publish Your Book With A Game Winning Strategy - Earma Brown

How To Write And Publish Your Book With A Game Winning Strategy

You can do this! You can write and publish your very own book this year. I’m not a controlling person. So, it is a suggestion. Here a little plan that my clients, students and I use. Set a goal, to write your book in 100 days. Then, publish it in the next 100 days. That’s what many of my students have done
in the past few years. I want that for you too. Here are some more goal setting tips to help speed you to victory.

1. Have some ahhhh moments!

You know that felt really good. Loosen up. Relax a bit. I know you have to press to keep it going. But, remember to have fun. Add a little regular relaxation to your schedule and don’t feel guilty for doing it. You deserve it; you need it. You’ll experience less unexpected down time, when you refresh yourself on a regular basis.

2. Maintain your action machine.

Drink more water and less soda. Each gulp you take of soda is like a thick gooey liquid being poured on a fire (your ability to think.) In fact, a month or so ago, it just came up in my heart, “I’m not going to drink soda for six months. I want to see if my body changes or does nothing at all.” I’m doing an experiment. I’ll let you know how it goes. Even a month in, I saw some small changes. By now, I fell off the cart a few times. Like when my husband brought three 20 ounce sodas home. Just keeping it real, but I’m back on my journey. I learned I have to watch my alternates too. I didn’t (not from concentrate) juice and tea could be so sugary…

++Throw out most processed foods. Most of it is full of junk that slows you down.

++Occasionally take several deep breaths. Oxygen energizes your brain.

++Exercise a little. Not a lot is necessary, but just enough to get your blood flowing.

++Plan to sleep better. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday and avoid anything before bed that might stress out your mind or your body (prime time entertainment, the news, video games, bill paying, action movies, etc.)

3. Build an action magnet.

Dig for plenty of WHYS. For motivation to do anything with passion, our brains need plenty of whys. Get into the habit of always discovering the whys for what you’re doing in your life. Dig deep and dig with emotion!

4. Adopt a game winning strategy.

Realize that small is huge. Just like a sports game that is won, two points at a time, every tiny bit of time (five, ten, fifteen minutes) you spend doing something toward your goals (writing your book),the closer you get to winning the game.

So, put this to practice right away. You might lose your momentum otherwise and end up this time next year re-freshing the same goals. If not already, start by setting some relaxation time in your schedule.

Then intentionally be good to yourself, drink more water, get rid of some processed food, energize your brain, take a deep breath. Put a little exercise in your schedule, even if its just a walk around the block. And don’t forget to de-stress. Seek understanding with your biggest why. Get in your game. After that’s done, set your goals afresh, including writing and publishing YOUR book among the top three.

Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

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Best wishes for your wildly successful book,
America’s Book Success Coach

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