Write A Book Using A Roadmap To Success

Everyday someone hops a train to start writing a book. Unfortunately as one person gets on the train to write a book there are several people who decide that it’s hopeless, they’ll never complete their book and get off the train.

My hope is that you will be the one who starts the journey of writing a book and stays on to completion. Staying on track to write a book is not without effort and diligence; even so you can do it with an easy road map (a system.) If you’re reading this lesson, I’m almost certain you’ll have to change your priorities, the times that you write and the amount that you write.

This is why writing a book is so difficult for some because it requires you to change your priorities. Or at the least it requires you to move your book writing project to one of the top 3 priorities in your day.

Most of us, don’t want to change, we put our goal of writing a book at the bottom of our list and think voila, and someday soon I’ll have a book! In reality, doing it this way it could be years before we reach our goal.

The people who get off the train of writing a book are most likely the ones who didn’t use a roadmap for success. They did not sit down and create a book writing plan, like we do in our newest book camp at http://signaturebookcamp.com. You must have a plan for your book writing; if you don’t then there’s no point in starting. You might be on a program that brings you close to finishing your book but because you didn’t have a plan or a practical goal you abandon it and say it was not working.

The road map for success in your book writing program is to have a specific, but sensible goal. Be specific about your book writing goal. Do not tell yourself that you would like to write a book by the end of this year. That is not a specific goal. You have not set a start date, you have not set an end date and you have not stated what book you would like to write.

A specific book writing goal is stating that you are going to start your book writing program on January 28th at 5:00 a.m. during which time you want to complete your 156- page book ’10 Ways to Stop Divorce Before It’s Too Late’ and it will end at midnight on June 30. Be as precise as you can. Now you have the beginning of the road map to start your book writing journey.

Your next step in this plan is to be practical. Your goals have to consist of a goal that can be achieved. If you state that you would like to write a book in the next few weeks working a couple of hours a week, you are setting yourself up for failure. Not only will you not achieve this goal but also it will cause you to possibly give up because your plan was unrealistic.

Start your book writing plan with a goal that you know you will be able to achieve if you just challenge yourself to achieve. Writing a book in 12 weeks working at least 20 hours a week is something you can do and you will not have to say good-bye to your family and become a hermit to achieve it.

Don’t wait any longer; begin your book writing journey with a road map. Start seeing yourself writing and completing a book by your end date (100 days.) Before you know it, you’ll have a finished book in your hand all because you started with a road map to guide you to the finish line. Here are a few more tips to mapping your book journey with a plan:

• Set realistic expectations
• Know the difference: book proposal & marketing plan
• Identify your targeted book market
• Research your competition
• Make your book different
• Think book series not just a single title
• Develop your table of contents & supporting points

When writing my first book, a writing mentor and friend of mine said, “I heard you were writing a book. That’s great. Do you have a map yet?” Of course being new to writing books, my question was, “What’s a map?”

A map would have been my plan and my intent to write a book including my table of contents. Since then my map (plan) includes a lot more. Which is what I will share with you in this chapter though it includes a lot more; it will definitely be in the same simple form and language. I still like simple, straightforward language, don’t you? Look at it this way; you have more to gain than anyone in the success of your book.

Therefore, when mapping your book journey you should set realistic expectations, know the difference of a book proposal and your book marketing plan, identify your specific market, research your competition, make your book different, think book series and not just one title, develop your TOC. Best wishes for your success.

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