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LinkedIn (linkedin.com) is a social network of business professionals. It has become my favorite tool when looking for JV, freelance, business opportunities or industry contacts. Even so, like other networks you need to get acquainted with the network before you actually need results. For most people, it takes some time to learn the best way to communicate and build relationships.  If not already, begin to weave LinkedIn into your overall book marketing strategies.

Like other social networking sites, you setup a profile page and grow a network of connections. You can browse the list of features. But, basically you join groups, pose questions to your network/groups, post articles (if allowed), events and add widgets, such as your blog feed, to your profile. If you’ve started to use Hootsuite.com or one of the other social media management tools, be sure to add your LinkedIn feed to your automatic postings.

LinkedIn creates additional visibility for book or products you sell and the services you offer. Your profile will eventually appear in search engines and can be accessed by the public if you allow it to. The LinkedIn site also encourages people to publicly recommend your professional work.

Used wisely, it can become another (one of the Big Three) effective way to network and birth new ideas for promoting your writing, books, services and products. Here are four reasons why you should embrace LinkedIn now:

1. The LinkedIn is a professional community with a business-oriented mindset. Unlike some other networks, this is LinkedIn’s specialty therefore they want to hear about your business, your offers, your books/products and your services.
2. The prevailing attitude of the LinkedIn community is to support one another as business professionals, as opposed to the slant of Facebook and Twitter where you are first pals before you even think about talking business.
3. The LinkedIn professional members are often likely decision makers in their business and your connection with the right person could mean real business and profits.
4. LinkedIn search database is often used for finding candidates not just for a traditional job but also for consulting, contracting, targeted projects, and other unique opportunities. So select your keywords with care; you do want to come up in the list of results when they search for your target keywords.

As an author, writerpreneur or indie publisher, here are some additional reasons to consider LinkedIn in your total social media marketing plan. Zoomerang.com interviewed 1,180 small- to mid-sized business (SMB) decision-makers and 500 consumers a while back but it still holds true:

1. The three most important reasons small businesses leverage social media are:
i. Connecting with customers
ii. Visibility
iii. Self-promotion

2. 81% of small business leaders use social media to get in front of customers and find new customers.
3. 44% of SMB decision-makers use social media.
4. Of those SMB decision-makers who use social media, 86% use Facebook vs. 41% LinkedIn and 33% Twitter:

To put your best foot forward with LinkedIn:

1. Create a sizzling profile. You may have to tweak and re-tweak it to hit the mark. Don’t just post a copy of your resume or a list of your company information. Instead of just describing your experiences, aim to show the concrete and quantifiable results you have achieved-fast turnaround, percentage increase, exemplary research or published writing and more. Use targeted (specific, related) keywords to connect with the thousands of people searching LinkedIn for information on your topic.

2. Ask your professional contacts to recommend you. Then be sure to display the recommendations on your profile to help confirm the quality and nature of your work. Remember, your pleased and satisfied customers are your best salesmen, online or offline.

3. Add value to your network. Be the expert. Post links to your helpful articles or tips list, answer questions and express yourself in a way that reflects your expertise and unique personality. You’ll find, the more you give, the more you receive. Impress people here and watch doors open and new opportunities appear.

4. Link to your websites, blogs and other places visitors can find your work online. Now is not the time be shy. Put your best foot forward. Don’t forget to post information about upcoming events you’re attending, events you’re hosting, books or articles you’re reading and/or writing and more.

Finally, avoid substituting online connections for live networking. Use your online efforts as a part of your total marketing campaign. Don’t be tempted to substitute any social networking site for an in-person or event networking. You online efforts will most likely help get things started with introductions, but nothing can take the place of getting out there and attending live events and being part of the writing and publishing scene. Whether it’s on a local or national level, put feet to your efforts. When the people you’ve met at a live event see you online later, they’ll take notice all the more.

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  • I just want to thank you for your input. You have made my book writing and self publishing much easier. I am learning a lot and prayfully with your continued instructions my first book will be out this summer. You truly been a blessing. Thanks again! God Bless!!!