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Are you afraid your dream of writing a book will die inside you? May I be honest? It may, if you don’t take the steps necessary to get it done now. You see, with the right planning, knowledge and actions you can easily write your important message into a book.

Inside the Dream B.I.G. Evolution and training, I teach you how to fuel the flame of your book dream again. This time, stretch yourself; dream B.I.G., then after it’s fulfilled, dream a bigger dream. Stick with me, I’ll show you how.

To get started now, dream after writing your book, you receive continuing income that grows each month. Dream you become a sought after expert in your field. You gain the added respect of your colleagues and peers because of your book’s B.I.G. success. You receive increased profits leveraged from higher fees charged. Your clients gladly pay them with book author as one of your titles. Before I get into your book’s b.i.g. success steps, let me tell you a personal story.

Last week was my sister’s birthday. We celebrate her as a beautiful person. Even so, her start was rocky at birth. Her legs from knees down to her feet were turned slightly inward, so she didn’t walk for a long time. Her speech development was abnormally slow. The doctors kept saying in response to questions about when, “We’ll see.” She was almost two before we knew she would talk. When she finally did, she had and has the sunniest personality. When she smiles on a rainy day, you think the sun came out. (cheesy but true) She wore leg braces a long time as a toddler. Now her legs are the straightest and best formed in the family.

I noticed something else growing up around my special sister. Good things would seem to come to her without effort. Like when we were teenagers, and we all went shopping for school clothes. We, my other sisters and brother were serious bargain-hunting type shoppers. Well, the sisters were anyway; I couldn’t say the same for my brother. My sister would walk around talking to people or doing everything but shopping.

When we got home, my other siblings and I would take out our clothing, looking over the great deals we got. Without fail, most of us would have something that didn’t quite fit like we thought it would. To make a long story short, each piece of ours would fit my sister like a glove and like she picked it out herself. I mean the colors were perfect, too.

So, fast forward to adulthood. My sister progressed leaps and bounds in development as a child to adulthood. Through special education, she received her diploma. But she still wasn’t able to legibly fill out any type of application, along with other needed skills. She needed life skills like counting and budgeting money, paying household bills. So, it looked like she would have to live with our mother for the rest of her life.  That would be, o.k., if one wanted to do so. For her, she’s always wanted the independence of living on her own. It was her big dream to live on her own.

In fact, one day (me and each of my siblings had moved away from home) my mother called me and said, “Could you talk to her? She won’t stop crying. She says she’s going to run away.”

I found out a lady in the community had moved out of her mother’s house. Although, the lady was much older, she also had lived at home with her mother for a long time. So, after she moved out; someone said mean things to my sister. Like, you’ll never move out. You’ll be at home the rest of your life…

So, I instructed my mother to go ask her if she would talk to me or just listen. When she came to the phone, I asked her if she would tell me what was wrong. I had compassion for her plight. I’ve always had the GO in my inner being. I recognized the same thing in her. I knew how miserable and frustrated I would feel, if I didn’t have my independence.

I listened; not understanding most of what she was saying. But feeling her pain so deeply that I began to cry too. Then it burst out of me, “Give God a year and see what he does. Give him that time to work something out. I just feel something is going to happen for you. He knows how you feel…” She said o.k. and we ended the call.

About a year to the week, my mother called and put my sister on the phone. She said, “I got a place.” Of course, I said, “What do you mean you got a place?!!!” Her reply was, “I’m moving in Thursday.”

I burst into tears. All I could say was, “You remember last year when we talked…” The details don’t sound near as glamourous; that is if you don’t know the before and after of this miracle (to us).

My sissy is now living her dream in an assisted living apartment building, about fifteen miles from my mother. She attends a life skills center five days a week. And someone is assigned to her to oversee paying bills, washing clothes, grocery shopping and other life skills that she couldn’t manage on her own.

I’m simply saying, my sister with special needs had a big dream that she kept pursuing and asking; it eventually came true. The fulfillment of her big dream, inspires me to keep asking, keep knocking and pursuing my big dreams. And that includes creating our book’s B.I.G. sucess, I mentioned earlier.

Speaking of writing a book, you can write a book and change destinies. It’s intriguing how a few words in a book can make a difference in one’s life. Don’t be careless with what you put in your book. You have the opportunity to change a heart or mind with your words. Perhaps you are writing a book to inspire others about your favorite cause. Weigh your words carefully to influence your audience and perhaps change their minds, their hearts and even their destiny.

For this training, I’ve taken the defining word BIG that means impossible, gigantic, mountainous, elephantine, titanic and formed the acronym B.I.G. for Books Inspire Greatness.

Books. For many of you, the book success goal seems like an impossible goal. It seems just as elephantine as my sister’s BIG dream did to us. Remember the riddle, Q: How do you eat an elephant? A: One bite at a time. The same applies to writing your book. How do you eat the book writing elephant? You eat him one bite (one step) at a time. More and more people are successfully completing their books in less time. Even your competitors are getting it done. Why not join them.

Inspire. Write a book and dream bigger dreams. Many aspiring authors kill their dreams with small thinking. They listen to those around them telling them they can’t because neither of you know anyone that did. Be the first; dream a bigger dream. My vote says you can. All you need is one other vote to get it done. That vote is yours. Vote yes; write your inspirational book and inspire those you influence.

Greatness. Unleash your inner greatness. Tap into your bigger better self. Think you can’t do it. Here’s one simple way that worked for me. Use your skills at the highest level and delegate the rest. According to Wilma Rudolph, “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

I hope you were inspired by my sissy and her big dream, like I was. Flipping that inspiration, I admit it; getting started writing a book can become a huge elephant in the way of your book’s B.I.G. success. Even so, it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can do like I and so many others did; eat the book writing elephant one bite at a time. Start today; complete and release your significant message to the world and prosper. Bon Appétit!

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