Why Ebooks Still

Why Ebooks Still - Earma Brown, America's Book Success Coach

Why Ebooks Still - Earma Brown, America's Book Success Coach

The e-book industry is here to stay, showing healthy projections. By 2018, e-book sales are forecast to account for about a quarter of global book sales. Consumer e-books alone are projected to generate nearly 20 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2018, according to Statista.com.

The experts still agree on something. Creating an ebook using your information is one of the fastest and most profitable ways to make money online. You don’t have to worry anymore about whether your message is significant – Thousands will pay for your unique knowledge. Publish your ebook and let fame take its sweet time with coming to you – Most traditional publishers are only interested in someone that is already famous anyway.

Become an expert in your field – An ebook will create almost instant credibility and trust with your clients. Maybe you are like I was for years. For years, I said I am not a professional writer. Can I even write a good book? I let the years slip by while working at a corporate job full-time thinking I didn’t have the time to write a successful book. I was used to living little chunks of my life at one time…

It gradually came to my attention, what was going on around me. Maybe you haven’t noticed either. But I know I can’t assume everyone is like me, you may know this already. When I published my first ebook, a new world opened up to me. I realized there’s an Information Revolution exploding across the globe.

You know how it is, you paid little attention to the Lexus 300 or the Chrysler 300 until you got one. Then you saw them everywhere. I found out ebook sales are still growing in recent years. For the past few years, the largest growth area in publishing is currently eBooks.

•E-books have found their place in the hearts of American bookworms – 13 percent of book readers in the U.S. stated they read more e-books than hard copy books, and 15 percent read about the same number of hard copy books and e-books. In 2016, about 73 percent American book consumers stated they read books in any format, and about 30 percent stated reading at least one e-book in the past year. This consumption also has a positive reflection on revenue generation. Between 2013 and 2018, revenue from e-book sales in the U.S. is forecast to nearly double.

•The eBook industry still represents a whopping $7+ billion in yearly sales…

So, here are some more good reasons for you to join the Information Revolution (before its too late) using your existing knowledge, experience and expertise.

•You could finally invest in some things you have been waiting to afford…
•You can create another passive income stream.
•You can slow down with the hoop jumping to attract traditional publishers.
•You eliminate the profit-eating middleman and keep all the profits.

Anyway, back to me living chunks of my life. I never really fully lived doing anything that I had passion for. I would always hold back because of fear. I was afraid things wouldn’t turn out right, it wouldn’t be good enough. Everyone would know what I suspected my attempts at completing a successful project (profitable venture) would end up with a big fat stamp FAILURE written on it sooner or later.

Until I said no more. I am taking charge of my destiny. I am going for the whole ENCHILADA – no more piece meal life for me. No more live a little and save the rest for when I get time, money or even the courage. I decided to live life fully and do all the things I had been saving for later out of fear.

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