Why Boost Your Career With A Book

Why Boost Your Career With A Book? Earma Brown

Why Boost Your Career With A Book? Earma Brown

You might be asking will a book give my career a boost? Will it make me more attractive to my clients? Will it create more opportunities and open new doors for me this year? Will I be viewed as an expert in my field? Yes, Yes and Yes.
Publishing your book will do all of that for you. But it gets even better than that. You mean there’s a better than that. Yes, after you have completed and published your book, it can give you increase up to 400%. Keep reading if you want to know how a published book can give you a competitive edge like that.

Think about it? Have you been browsing your local bookstore or even surfing online lately? Every book in your Barnes & Nobles, in your Borders and on Amazon.com, someone had to write it. Someone had to have a dream, a vision to see their message in print.
Well have you realized yet that you gain instant credibility just by having Author behind your name – book published? And that credibility gives you the power to increase your fees to expert level – up to 400% and more.

You don’t have to call your spouse or family member and tell them you’ll be late again today. You won’t even have to pull in more people to help you work harder. I can’t think of an easier way to change your career, your bottom line and even your life than by writing and publishing a book.

A Step By Step Plan to Pen, Publish or Promote? Discover how to write, publish and market your own short book in an easy course.

For someone who had no experience in writing a book, your book writing material was a God send to me. I am a 60-year-old male who had a fear for writing. After reading your book & lessons, it did wonders for me. I am proud to say this book has encouraged me to write more. In 2012, I published my first book. Ms. Brown, keep up the good work; you have enabled me to do something that I have always wanted to do, write a book. Thanks again one million times. “
Eugene Broadway,
U.S. Marine Veteran
Author of “The Journey”

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Don’t be discouraged about how much you don’t know but be encouraged by the opportunities to discover a new world through writing, publishing and promoting your own book. Sign up for this course and use the step-by-step plan, insider knowledge and more to get your book published and generating leads for you now.

Yes, these proven twelve steps (pillars) helped me, my students and clients to write, finish and publish successful books. Trust me they will help you too. Twelve weeks, twelve pillars, twelve challenges in this course and bonus resources will give you the tools to write your own 24/7 lead generating book and publish it yourself. Walking through the Signature Book Camp & membership will ensure that your published book will grow up to compete with the ‘big boys’ in the market. You won’t be ashamed to see your book line up with the best and sell more than you ever dreamed.

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