Why A Book Should Be In Your Future

If you’ve been reading my blog long, then you know I love everything books. You also know, if you haven’t written your book yet and you are interested in writing one; I am committed to convincing you that you can do it now. For now is better than later.

And it’s not just because they (books) are incredible change agents — growing me from a general freelance writer to a 12+ book authorpreneur.

There are actually many reasons why books should be a part of your success plan. Here are three:

1. Books are still elevating people to instant expert and celebrity status. Even with the fast paced changes happening in the publishing industry, the public still respects and treasures authors.

2. Technologies are making it easier. The Print On Demand and Ebook technologies have birthed what I  call a self publishing revolution.

3. Your fees can go up. You can charge up to four times more after your book is released. Your expertise value doesn’t have to stay tied to an hourly rate. With your book as the foundation, you can present the system or the program of what you do as a solution and charge more.

Erase the ‘sky is the limit’ mantra and blast your career and life into the stratospheres of your profession with a book as the launching pad. Begin to reach the world with your wonderful message.

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About Author 

Earma Brown, aka America's Book Success Coach, 12 Book Authorpreneur, Indie Publisher, and Creator of Book Success Academy, teaches entrepreneurs, experts, professionals, writers and wow women how to write and publish a 24/7 lead generating book YOU and their readers love and create multiple money streams for life.” Visit New! Jumpstart Resource: Free Book to get started with a book of your own.

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