Weekend Writing Tip: Use Tracking To Write A Book Fast

Are you a busy professional or a time deficient Mom with little
precious time to write your dream book? If so, today’s book writing
tip was designed just for you. First of all, don’t despair; you can
still write the book you’ve been dreaming of writing.  You see, I
still have the same struggle of finding the time to fit my book
writing in. I have a full life as a business owner, family and even
volunteer work in my local church. Yet, I continue to complete my
books because I do what I’m about to share with you. So, if you have
only weekends or small blocks of time to work on your book read this
tip and finish faster.

Are you tired of the stop and start method of trying to get your
book completed? No worries, you might be like I was. I stopped and
started so many times it became downright shameful. Especially if I
had told everyone around me I was writing a book. I would try to
activate the principles, I now teach and encourage others to do. You
know; make a commitment, create a schedule, a plan and more.

But as soon as I would implement this, life would happen. Whether it
was a new job, my kids got sick, or a whole list of things I don’t
have room to mention, the effect was the same. I would get distracted
and the manuscript went in the drawer of unfinished projects. As you
probably already know, one day it all came together for me. I pushed
through and finished my first book. Which brings me to what I wanted
to share with you. One of the the principles that helped me overcome
distractions pulling me off the focus of finishing my book was the
tracking approach.

I encourage you to use the tracking approach to writing your book.
“I can’t keep up with where I am after interruptions of life.” is a
common complaint I hear from aspiring authors. It is a common
challenge to find your place after being interrupted with family,
work and daily life.

After all that’s why many think you must get away to get it done
effectively. Yet, there’s hope for those who can’t get away or choose
not to. Successful writers all over the world use the tracking
approach. They succeed because they commit to doing a little each day.

Time is a method where you commit to a writing a certain amount of
time each day. With the cumulative factor involved your commitment
doesn’t have to be that much.

For example even today as a writerpreneur, to accomplish my book
writing goals I commit to writing one to two hours a day in my most
productive time. With this method don’t be overly concerned about how
much you write, just keep the time commitment.

Another method is focused on output. Commit to writing a certain
number of words or pages a day, perhaps 750-1,000 words or
approximately three and a half pages double-spaced text. The key
factor is to stick to it until completion.

Powerful Way to Jumpstart Your Book:

Inspire Me to Write Quote of the Day:

Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into
manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before
the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.
-Florence Scovel Shinn

Take action. Do something toward your book writing goal before your
head hits the pillow tonight or at least within 48 hours.Choose a
method to track your work; briefly explain why you chose this method
and write it below.

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