The EDGE Breakthrough VIP Days

EDGE – A margin of superiority; the quality of being at a competitive advantage.


So what is a VIP day? Well, just like it sounds, you spend time with an experienced coach working on solving a specific problem or achieving a specific outcome. At the Write To Win Institute, it’s where Earma comes together with clients, either privately (one-on-one) or in a group, and immerse in the work for an ENTIRE DAY or one-half day time frame.

In fact, EDGE Breakthrough VIP Days are the best way to move forward with a great sense of urgency, impact, more knowledge and a lot of determination.

Why VIP Days?

VIP Days are wonderful because they are incredibly flexible. The EDGE Breakthrough VIP Days provide a well-defined plan of action that allows you to get quick results and move forward in progressive growth.

Earma works with one person or a group, over the phone. The basic structure of the day is that you work intently with Earma, then take a break, work intently, then break, usually for three chunks throughout the day.

Studies have shown that when there is a concentrated focus on a specific problem, result or outcome over a highly-focused period of time, the results or outcome are phenomenal.

The beauty of the EDGE Breakthrough VIP Day, and why they are so valuable to you as a client, is that you can create a great deal of transformation in a short amount of time.

Together with Earma, you get to focus on YOU and YOUR project.

As a visionary, Earma can immediately see how your outcome will look when it’s operating at optimum level. She knows how to simplify the success-building journey for you, then fit it perfectly into your new or existing business and save you years of slow and confusing growth.

Her iWIN programs™ will take the guesswork out of creating a successful project. For example in the EDGE Breakthrough Book Success VIP Day you and Earma work on mining the gold called your knowledge, information and experience, pinpointing your core message and putting it into a book and beyond,  growing your business and achieving success. It’s the same systems Earma used over the years to develop her and her clients’ books, signature products, programs and services.   As soon as Earma hears your vision and/or what you offer, she can visualize all of your book(s) products, coaching programs, live events or speaking engagements.

VIP days can be valuable to you because you SAVE time. You get results FASTER. These days, you may not want to wait twelve months for transformation over 30-60 minute sessions. Your schedule may be nearly full but you still want it. And you want it NOW.

How EDGE works?

Well if you’re still reading and interested here’s how it works.

When you show up powerfully in an EDGE Breakthrough VIP Day (of your choice – see below) and take action, here are some of the results that you can expect.

  • clarity on your message
  • ability to write powerfully and authentically.
  • renewed sense of urgency to just get it done.
  • the knowledge and the know how on what to do
  • ability to pull it all together from start to finish
  • instant expert status
  • results for the sell test
  • uplevel fee structure
  • faster results
  • time saver steps

EDGE Breakthrough VIP Days  

Earma offers you the following EDGE Breakthrough VIP Days – simply click on your choice (below) to find out more and start your EDGE Breakthrough VIP Day journey to success!

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