3 Ways To Create A Working Book Title

Three Ways and Three Samples To Create Your Best Working Title & The Book Title Formula

Have you created a working title for your book? One of the most important elements of your upcoming book is the title. Creating a title or headline is the skill that you can use to boost leads and ultimately profits in your business and throughout the life cycle of your book.

You see, you get to use the same titling skills in creating your chapter titles, headings, section headlines, front and back cover titles, website headlines, ads, press releases and the list could go on. In fact this titling skill comes in handy where ever you need to hook attention, stir interest and create excitement for your book.

Now that you see the importance of title writing skills, just like any other skill practice makes perfect. You can get started now with building on your existing titling talent by creating the working title for your book.

It’s called a working title in the publishing industry because it’s subject to be changed by you or your publisher. Let me share an industry secret. One of the things successful authors now implement as soon as they decide their topic, they create a working title and begin to announce it. Yes, you did read that right. With the new Book Success Model, you can use your working title to announce your upcoming book for early leads, connections, and opportunities that come up because you let the right people know about it.

Before I get to those three ways to create your best working title  and the Book Title Formula, here’s a quick action tip: Create your working title now! If not already, as soon as you select a book topic, create and begin testing your title. You don’t have to own a lab. Brainstorm a list of seven to ten titles. Choose the top three; then get the opinion of two or three close friends or family. Do the best you can with what you already know. There’s no grade to worry about.

Start using the one (title) that comes out on top. Then keep reworking and practicing your skills until its the best it can be. Read an article about titling, like the tips outlined for you in this tutorial. Implement what you learned quickly. Revise your working title, accordingly. Choose your top three. If its early in your project, don’t become to attached to any one title. I encourage you to do this little exercise at least three times during your book project, preferably in the beginning, middle and end. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s those four ways and four samples to create your best working title:

  1. Put your audience in your title. When you aim you are more likely to hit the target, right. In this case, you are aiming for a target audience. The Creative Business Works: How To Create A Business That Rocks Designed For Artists and Other Creative Types!
  2. Go Big. Make a big claim and back it up with an easy system. Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice by Brendon Burchard
  3. Use very specific numbers and facts. Numbers are good memory triggers for people to remember your title and ultimately your book. 7 Steps To Fearless Speaking by Lilyan Wilder
  4. Use a formula to create your best title. The How-To formula below creates a title that sells your book and hooks the interest of your potential readers. As you begin to notice great titles, you’ll see some  titles the (actual words) how-to is understood. For example in Mr. Burchard’s title: Millionaire Messenger – Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice.
[NOUN] teaches How-To [VERB]: Noun is the Name of the Book. Verb is the results.

Title ________________________________________ = NOUN

Sub-Title ____________________________________________________________ = VERB (first pitch

to media)


  • Permission Marketing TEACHES [How to] Turn Strangers Into Friends and Friends Into Customers
  • Slim for Life [teaches] My Insider Secrets To Simple Fast & Lasting Weight Loss

Now, you have several ways to get started creating your best working title. Don’t forget the quick action tip: create your working title now. Then get the opinion of your friends to see which one comes out on top. Put the top one in your email signature as an announcement. Upcoming Book: [best working title] and see what happens. If you get great results, let us know. Best wishes for your success from America’s Book Success Coach -Earma

Need more help with creating a book title for your upcoming book? I couldn’t fit everything I have to say about creating a book title from the start in this short article, so if you want to know more sign up for our mini-course Jumpstart A Book at http://jumpstartabook.com or join my new and improved book camp http://100daystoabook.com

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