The Problem With BIG Plans

Have you heard the cliche ‘No Plans – No Success?’ I know I’ve been preaching it everywhere I train. Yet for some (including me at times) our plans fail, misfire and even sputter out. Sound familiar? Keep reading, if it does. Here are three of seven things that create a BIG problem with book planning. Just one of them may cause your plan to fall short or even fail.

1. Too complicated. I know a lot of you are like me. You make things too hard. I have a tendency to over-complicate things. For instance, in my writing and speaking I have to slow down and simplify to effectively communicate. Perhaps you’re like that too. As for planning, keep it simple. It’s better for everyone. A simple plan executed well is worth its weight in gold in effectiveness.

2. Not aligned to you or your audience. Is your plan the right fit for you? Is it aligned with your message, your mission or your audience? Because you and your team are unique, your plan should be tailored to you. Not only that but everyone is not interested in your message or mission. It all must be developed for your targeted audience. For example, what are the problems you solve or your intended audience.

3. Too structured. First of all you can’t plan everything. Something will always crop up, that will change the chemistry of every circumstance. You may as well allow for it in your planning. Allow flexibility for the unexpected (the unplanned for); then flow with it. This way you won’t fold or become paralyzed in your thinking. You’ll just made an adjustment and keep going to successful completion.

Don’t wait too late to correct any problems with planning. To make sure your plans don’t fail, remember to simplify, align with you and your audience, get creative with resources, expand your vision, make long term plans, allow for the unexpected, plan on the right level and infuse passion in what you do. Make right plans on every level and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  Your book success coach sends best wishes for your success as author.

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