The Ebook Revolution

The Ebook Revolution

ebookit-header5600With the Ebook Revolution exploding across the globe, there’s a lot of information out there. I created my first profitable ebook back in 2000 for a tiny niche that’s small enough but big enough. As a way to help and educate my clients, I developed the and the Ebook It Challenge websites for them and anyone needing clarity on how to get an ebook up and working for them quickly. No, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Even with ebooks, it’s best to work on creating a quality ebook, follow good business practices and incorporate what works best for you in the ebook world and market. So, first of all we’ll take a moment to talk about the basics: What is an ebook? What is Ebookitology? The different formats available to you. Where will you sell your ebook? What will this course cover and more including outsourcing tips and ebook marketing (where and how you want to promote your ebook after it’s done)

  • What is an ebook?
  • What is Ebookitology?
  • What formats are available to me?
  • What to do first?
  • What do you recommend?

What is an ebook? It’s not a simple question these days. I’m pretty sure everyone knows an ebook (noun \e buk\) is an electronic book, a book in digital form  or simply a book in electronic format or file. Now the next question is what format. Without getting too involved, there are different formats used for different platforms. I’ll tell you more about a little later.

For now, you might want to know that Ebookitology is a made up word for my brand or branch of knowledge about ebooks:  noun \ebuk\ it (l-j)  – a branch of knowledge.

What Format?

There are several different formats. Commonly called the top platforms, formats, distribution for now are:

  • Website Publishing  |  .pdf
  • Kindle Publishing    |  .mobi
  • Nook Publishing      | .epub
  • iBook Publishing     |  .epub

Other 3rd party

  • Lulu
  • Smashwords
  • Bookbaby
  • Draft2Digital

What To Do First?

I recommend choosing your platform first that you would like to have your first book enter the market. I also recommend Kindle as a good first market for your ebook. I add that most people select the platform they own a reader for or the platform they love and are most familiar with. After those decisions, don’t forget to sign up for the last Ebook It Challenge in 2015 at

If you’ve already taken the challenge once this year, consider signing up for Ebookitology at At the website, the Kindle Ebook is the featured course. You’ll find most the information on this site is for Kindle. Additionally, we have bonus modules & tutorials for the Nook, Apple ibooks & PDF ebooks.

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