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We offer a big thank you to everyone who have complimented Earma, her products, services and programs. If you’ve been thinking about posting your testimony, don’t wait any longer. Send it now. Click here to send your testimony. Attach a picture of you and your book.

Sincerely Team at Write To Win Institute



Nicky Vanvalkenburgh, 2x award winning Author & iWIN scholarship recipient : 111nickyI used many of the tips that you provided in the lessons. Sometimes I re-read your lessons and new ideas come to me. Funny how my “inner critic” seems to disappear when I read your lessons… and the “creative” side of me steps up to the plate. You help me to believe in myself and my message, and to have confident expectations for success..Thanks so much, Earma“

Stelios Nicolaou, Author : T111stelios-nicolaouhrough your (book writing)  materials, I have managed to finish my book: Depression: My Witness, Your Solution (Five easy steps to reprogram your little, inner voice and set your mind free.) Thank you very much for all the assistance you have given me either from your articles, or from the ebooks I have purchased from you in the past…


“Five thumbs up! The course was phenomenal! Thanks for the 111jaimer125information and inspiration…”

Jaime Rohadfox, Author, Radio Host http://jaimelrohadfox.com/

“Five stars…outlining the (book writing) process and showing me that it is possible to create a finished work with knowledge I already possess in a real timeline. I had the idea for this book years ago and never knew where to start. This course made it possible for me to not only start the book, but expand the content and explore multiple income streams and outlets… Thank you so much for creating what I believe may have been the key that unlocked a door I have been trying to open for years. 111michael-andreas100

Michael Andreas, Author Secrets of Behavior Self

111shurondascott150“Earma’s work is an invaluable tool and resource for budding writers. We provided a copy of her book ‘Write Your Best Book Now’ in the conference packets to attendees of our annual Writer’s Conference! Personally, it gave me the fresh perspective I needed to kick my own writing into high gear. …Along with her writing, Earma’s insight as a book coach and publishing consultant is superb. She is the best at what she does. I highly recommend Earma Brown and any of her courses to help you become the successful author you desire. Shuronda Scott, Author, Possibilities Coach http://www.walkinginpossibility.com/

111luzelenia-casanova3150“For those of you that expressed the desire to write a book. Treat yourself to a priceless gift. I say priceless because the information you will gain from this course is will pay for itself 10x over… Thumbs up to Earma for putting together such great information. I dare you to write that book within you!” Luzelenia Casanova, Speaker, Author and Advocate on Domestic Abuse


111sheila-shanker2150“Earma, I got your material some months ago and I am happy to say that I got my first book published! I also have a couple of e-courses for CPAs out there. I just want to thank you for getting me inspired and for giving me cool ideas…”

—Sheila Shanker, Author, CPA, University Accounting Instructor

111eugene100“For someone who had no experience in writing a book, your book writing material was a God send to me. I am a 60-year-old male who had a fear for writing. After reading your book & lessons, it did wonders for me. I am proud to say this book has encouraged me to write more. I  published my first book in 2012. Ms. Brown, keep up the good work; you have enabled me to do something that I have always wanted to do, write a book. Thanks again one million times

Eugene Broadway Retired Postal Worker, Barber Instructor, U.S. Marine Veteran, Author of “The Journey” http://eugenebroadway.com


111kimweaver-author2aI purchased your book last year…and signed up to receive your e-blast… Your work has been so inspiring and helpful to me. So if no one has told you lately keep on doing what you do, for all of us have a story we just often need midwives as yourself to help push it out.

May God Richly Bless You Kim Weaver , Author http://www.letterstomysistersfromtheheart.com/


111jillhelwig100Earma, WE DO LOVE YOU – SO MUCH!! We truly cannot thank you enough for your heart … I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses your books…Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” Pastor Jill Hellwig featured (Write Your Best Book Now!) book in writing conference & packet ‘Write Now (testimony posted on Facebook)

Jill Hellwig, Author, Pastor Write Now! Writing Conference Covenant Church, Carrollton Texas http://covenantchurch.org


Five thumbs up! The Book Writing Course is so simplistic, it does not overwhelm you and leaves you with confidence. I liked getting a lesson each week. It was the most professionally designed ecourse I have taken. I am going to become an affiliate because I believe what you are doing is great stuff.

Michelle W. Fuqua


“Earma, I truly enjoy and appreciate all of the priceless info that you have been sending out to me! It is very encouraging and inspirational. I really need this; especially in times when I don’t feel like writing or have a writer’s block…”


Five stars! The 100 Days To A Book writing program. The plan, schedule, lessons & reports were very good. I completed my manuscript. I’m planning to join the affiliate program.

Ken Grow


111book-marie-toms-2Great job! I am enjoying the course (Write Your Best Book Now! How to Write a Book In 100 Days or Less – 12 Week Book Writing Course.) I’ve written two books now. I am working on a ghost writing project…still using your insight and information…

God bless
Marie Toms Author, College Adjunct Professor http://marietoms.net

1-crossonThank you!

At 80 years old, I wrote my first book. Thank you Earma for your help.

Charles Rosson, Author, Teacher – So You Want To Prophesy!



tequita-brice5.0 out of 5 stars – A God Send
I am in the process of writing my first book. I ran into a financial snag and my publisher refused to even keep working on the project until my snag cleared up. “Write Your Best Book Now” was a God send to me. After reading this book, I was able to develop my own chapters and revelation  flooded in about how to organize the rest. I am proud to say this book has encouraged me to write more. I now have a writing system and loads of additional information to help me maximize the potential of my publication. I will be purchasing additional materials from this author. By Tequita C. Brice (NC United States)

5 Stars Great Book!

When I first read the Write Your Best Book Now book, I was astonished on how information in the book enhanced my knowledge to write a book. I was very impressed with the book. A person that has a dream on writing a book, this is the book to purchase. If you follow the steps in this book, you can  make your dream come true. I have recommended this book  to several people. Also, I have given the book as gifts to people who have the desire to write a book. In my opinion, this is a great book.  Oneadia Kates


5.0 out of 5 stars Helpful Book – “Write Your Best Book Now!” (Paperback)

I was able to write and publish my first book because I followed the steps from “Write Your Best Book Now!” Since publishing my book, I have been able to create a profit stream from my book. Furthermore, the “7 Proven Steps to Write a Successful Book” with a motivational twist helped me to write a second book. Thank you for publishing this book. I am a software instructor at a college.  -Marie Toms, Author, College Instructor


“Important insight and advice for those planning or are in the process of writing a book. Teaches you not only the steps to take to finally write your book but how to write it to sell as well. Recommended!” –Kimberly Martin, www.self-pub.net

 Simply the best!

“Thanks for all the help you offer. You are simply the best. I have benefited from the two chapter bonus you sent. Initially, I did not know how and where to start. But I do now! Thank      you so much. ” –Gloria Pat

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