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Stop Killing Your Book With Overwhelm!

Is your book dream fading fast as the year gets started? Don’t worry there’s still time to get started writing your book to completion this year. First things first, you must calm down and focus. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, correct the mistakes below, finish your book and prosper in peace: 1. No commitment. It takes...

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Got A Big Book Idea by Earma Brown

The holidays and the end of the year is always a good time to reflect, review your life and business. Then the New Year is a great time to implement the results of that reflection and reviewing you did.  I enjoy sharing what worked for me or any Aha moments during the year. Did you have any aha moments during the previous year? Or do you have a...

How To Find The Time To Write A Book

How To Find The Time To Write A Book

If you create it correctly, a book will establish you as an author]ity (Remember the root word of authority is author), you can boost your revenues starting the first thirty days you begin writing it and within the next month start generating multiple income streams, that provide you with great personal and business fulfillment and much more. In...