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5 BIG Reasons To Publish A Kindle Book Now

Are you planning to eBook your information soon? You know, when you become a Kindle author it will help you far more than the 70% royalty revenue you can earn. Becoming a published author has always carried with it perks that some are locked out of. But now with Kindle Direct Publishing, you too can take part in what most authors have always known...

10 Reasons To Become A Kindle Ebook Author Now

Why Ebooks Still - Earma Brown, America's Book Success Coach

As you know, E-books have not enjoyed a lot of credibility in the publishing world. It seemed, Ebook authors were viewed with even less esteem than vanity print book authors. Yet, they have been around since the beginning of the Internet Age, but have not been widely accepted until recently. There are two huge signs that e-books are now an...