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How To Create A Lead Generating Book

How To Create A Lead Generating Book by Earma Brown

Have you wondered how to create a 24/7 lead generating book, everyone is talking about these days. You can start with six ways in my B.U.I.L.D.D. Formula, I teach my students in the updated book camp, 100 Days To A Book. You discover how to create your book’s content to deliver a great message to attract 24/7 leads and generate multiple...

3 Steps To Overcome Procrastination Once And For All

100 Days To A Book Challenge

Are you looking for a way to overcome the giant called procrastination? Here’s three steps that helped me and my students do just that. They, also, present another key to my signature system of writing and publishing a book this year. It is a huge key to creating a 24/7 lead and sales-magnet book. In fact, its seems to be so well hidden in...

How To Use The 100 Ways Outline

How To Use The 100 Ways Outline

Are you tired of trying to pull it all together to get your book written, published and the usually under-estimated, promoted to success. Here’s how to easily create your book chapters’ content to express not only a high-quality core message, but also to  generate new leads and create multiple income streams for you. A new day has...