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Six Powerful Lead Generators To Put Inside Your Kindle Book

6 Powerful Lead Generators To Put Inside Your Ebook by Earma Brown

The Amazon online store is a big buying search engine. It’s true thousands of people click on daily, type in what they are looking for and purchase it. As result, publishing Kindle books is still the rage right now. Everyone who wants to make money online this way is doing it. At least the smart ones are. The reason is that there are a lot...

4 E.A.S.Y. Reasons To Create Kindle Ebook Now

Did you know authors can receive 70% royalties on all self-published ebook sales on Amazon, doubled from 35%. And typical ebook royalties given to an author from traditional publishers are only 17.5%. Newsweek’s Daniel Roland in an article said, “The transformation of the book industry has reached a tipping point. Electronic books now...

Create Your Best eBook This Year and Prosper!

Have you put your manuscript or existing print book into the latest ebook format? The new techie eReaders have brought a renewed interest to eBooks. That includes yours if you have it available online. If so, great, I hope you are taking advantage of the eReader rush.