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Six Secrets To Write A Book FASTER Than Ever

Six Secrets To Write A Book FASTER by Earma Brown

Happy Holidays! Thank you for allowing me input into your book publishing journey. As a token of my appreciation and Christmas gift. Here’s a Book Writing Formula my students and I developed over the years. Implement this in your book writing project and you will get bigger, better and faster results. So, here’s how you can create a...

Dreaming Of Writing A Book?

Dreaming of Writing a Book by Earma Brown

Are you dreaming of writing a book? If so, does this sound familiar? You’re tired of people telling you should have a book in place working for you. The last time some one said it, you secretly laughed because you know a book should be in your future. You’ve been thinking about it for the longest. Now you’re tired of hearing about how it...

How To Find The Time To Write A Book

How To Find The Time To Write A Book

If you create it correctly, a book will establish you as an author]ity (Remember the root word of authority is author), you can boost your revenues starting the first thirty days you begin writing it and within the next month start generating multiple income streams, that provide you with great personal and business fulfillment and much more. In...