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How To Finish A Book Faster

How To Finish A Book Faster by Earma Brown

How To Finish A Book FASTER And Achieve Your Publishing Goals In A Few Weeks Are you ready to finish your book project and achieve your goals. Now is the time to do it. There’s a self-publishing revolution going on. There’s still time for you to jump in.  Two more of my students and clients met their goal of writing and publishing...

5 Ways I Turn My Blog Into A Book And You Can Too

5 Ways I Turn My Blog Into A Book And You Can Too by Earma Brown

Are you a blogger? If so, you have the bare bones of a book, already. All you need are some simple instructions to pull it all together. Here’s what I do and you can too: Theme your blog to a specific topic. It’s much better to create a theme for your blog. Theme it; instead of creating a catch all for every hot topic under the sun...

First Chapter Challenge Is Live

So you’ve decided to write a book? Congratulations on starting a worthy journey! You are just in time for some exciting news I have for the Write To Win and iWIN tribe. I invite you to join an elite group of aspiring authors eager to put their best foot forward. The First Chapter Challenge and tutorial is designed to help you get your...