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5 Ways I Turn My Blog Into A Book And You Can Too

5 Ways I Turn My Blog Into A Book And You Can Too by Earma Brown

Are you a blogger? If so, you have the bare bones of a book, already. All you need are some simple instructions to pull it all together. Here’s what I do and you can too: Theme your blog to a specific topic. It’s much better to create a theme for your blog. Theme it; instead of creating a catch all for every hot topic under the sun...

5 Big Ways To Jumpstart A Blog

5 Big Ways To Build A Great Blog

Are you blogging yet? In my opinion, all aspiring authors, published authors, experts, entrepreneurs, and writerpreneurs should have a blog. Let me explain why I think you should and then offer five top ways to jumpstart your new blog. All of us are building our platforms at some level, at least we should be. Your blog is a great place to send...

Creating Community Around Your Book Part II

Do you want to build a tribe or community around your book? You should you know. As an author and even an aspiring author you are one of the best candidates to build a tribe following of you and your work. First think about the most feedback you’ve gotten ever on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or anywhere about your book’s topic. This is...