Stop Waiting Start Writing A Book

Are you waiting to write a book? There are hundreds of people waiting to do the same thing. They want to get started; yet they wait month after month and even year after year. The time is now; harvest season is here.

For example, with my first tele-seminar I was working on I kept waiting and putting it off. I was waiting for the perfect microphone. I was waiting for the perfect mood, the perfect time and then I waited some for the perfect day in my home office.

Finally, I said to myself the perfect day may never come. I decided to take my own advice and stop waiting. I said, “I will wait no more!” You’ve probably already guessed it; I conducted my first tele-seminar almost two years ago.   Of course, it was not the best tele-seminar I’ll ever make; it’s not even close to perfect either. But, I did what I’m encouraging you to do, stop procrastinating.

Perhaps, you’ve been doing some waiting of your own. You may have been waiting for the perfect writer’s space. You could be waiting for the perfect computer to get started or the perfect mindset. You may even be waiting for the perfect support. Throw caution to the wind and stop waiting. Get started with writing your book; now is better than later. The perfect time may never come for you either.

I’m a teacher at heart. For even as I encourage you to stop procrastinating, I hear my students in my head asking, “Alright, I should stop waiting but how do I get started.” I came up with three simple steps for my students and anyone else needing to end the wait.

1. Make a decision. Decide this is the year to get your book written. Embrace the fact that NOW really is better than later. Remember, you probably won’t do what it takes to get your book written if you don’t make a firm decision to do so.

2. Put a plan in place. Make your plan simple. If you’ve been waiting to get started, you need something as simple as possible to act on. If it’s not easy to take that first step, you might wait some more. Your easy plan may be as simple as signing up for a book coach’s ecourse to get simple starting tips. Or your simple plan can be as easy as setting up a schedule for your book writing time. Also, you can grab one of the twenty-one organizational plans in our updated book camp at

3. Take action. Yes, these steps are super simple. But I’ve discovered over the years of writing books that we often make a decision, put a plan in place then fail to take action on it all. Let’s get real, you could read what I’ve written so far, make a firm decision and even set aside time for writing your book. Then if you don’t take action, two weeks later you are right back where you started.

If you don’t begin today, you could be still waiting this time next year. Let’s recap, make a decision that now is the time to write YOUR book. Put a simple plan into place and take the first step. Sign up for a book success course and setup your writing schedule. Most journeys are easier with a friend that’s traveled the road before. Now, go get started. Your friends, your family and the world are waiting for your book.

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Earma Brown is a 12 book Authorpreneur, Indie publisher and Book Success Coach who trains people to get their book out of their hearts and minds into the hands of their readers.

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