Stop Killing Your Book With Wrong Thinking

Aspiring Authors - Stop Killing Your Book with Wrong ThinkingHave you been guilty of procrastinating on your book project, lately? Like the author, many writers get hung up with wrong thinking about writing and completing their books.

Knowledge and know-how can be formed into nine easy steps that will destroy the power of procrastination. Using the amazingly easy steps below writers can conquer the giant procrastination and speedily write their best book now:

1. Act Now. Action will paralyze fear each and every time.

2. Avoid marathon writing. Know you don’t have to become a hermit to write and complete a successful book.

3. Commit to the tracking approach. Doing a set amount –even if it’s only an hour- each day builds a cumulative effect.

4. Know you don’t have to write chapters in order. You can jump around and fill in the blanks to gain momentum.

5. Maintain your momentum. Don’t give in to writers block. Move on to work on the chapter you feel passion bubbling for at that moment.

Even so, nothing can happen until that first draft is completed. Procrastination is ultimately based on fear of failure. It has stopped countless of book projects and stolen the vision of many more.

Don’t allow procrastination to become a giant towering over your book dreams. Go now; sign-up for a free course, pin-point your topic, write your table of contents or simply write your first draft. Whatever you do, do it now and release your important message to the world. Best wishes for your greatest success yet.

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