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“Earma,   …I am happy to say that I got my first book published!  I also have a couple of e-courses for CPAs out there. I just want to thank you for getting me inspired and for giving me cool ideas…”

—Sheila Shanker, Author, CPA, University Instructor – Accounting

“Earma’s work is an invaluable tool and resource for budding writers. We provided a copy of her book Write Your Best Book Now to the attendees of our annual writer’s conference – Write Now! Personally, it gave me the fresh perspective I needed to kick my own writing into high gear. …Along with her writing, Earma’s insight as a book coach and publishing consultant is superb. She is the best at what she does…I highly recommend Earma Brown and any of her courses to help you become the successful author you desire.” -Shuronda Scott, Author, Possibilities Coach