Should I Write A Book

Are you ready to test your book’s significance? Have you asked the tough question, “Will my book sell?” Everyone wants to know, should I write a book, before they invest time, effort and most of all money. If your book proves significant then it is saleable.

Here are eleven of the twenty-one tips in the Bonus Lesson ‘Give Your Book the Test of Significance” to help you know if your book will sell well before you even write it. Give your manuscript the test of significance. Write your book to meet two to three areas to achieve significance and most of all sales in the book marketplace.

1. ____ Does your book present great perception of animals? For instance, if you have a deep understanding of animals the animal lovers will lap your book information up. (smile) Write a book and fill it with your special understanding of animals. Express your passion well and you could be next Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts or Dog Whisperer Celan Milan.

2. ____ Does your book offer success experiences that motivate your audience to do more, give more or share more? Share your experiences to motivate your audience. Share how you overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges in your life or professional field. It will motivate your audience to think if you did it; they can do it too.

3. ____ Does your book help people save money. They may want to invest for the future or save for a big purchase. They want to free up cash in their budget during the recession. Or they may just be looking for a bargain. Write a book that helps others save lots of money and you may have a top seller on your hands.

4. ____ Does your book offer ways to save time. Most people want to work less and spend time enjoying their family and life’s pleasures. Even if you just put time-saver tips in your book, it will be more appealing to a broader audience.

5. ____ Does your book help others look better. Perhaps your audience wants to lose weight, tone their body, or improve their facial features. Your content is significant if it makes them feel more attractive.

6. ____ Does your book help people live longer. A new wave of people groups want to get in shape, eat better or gain extra energy. Help people live longer; your book will be significant and make them feel healthier.

7. ____ Does your book help others feel loved and desired. Many don’t want to be lonely anymore or want to start dating again. Show them how to re-enter the dating game. Or you could simply show them how to be single and happy. Write a book that makes them feel wanted.

8. ____ Does your book help others in their marriage. There are lots of couples who don’t have a clue as to how to gain a successful marriage. Do you have a special compassion for struggling couples? Write your book filled with marriage success tips and encouraging words for a marriage on the rocks.

9. ____ Does your book help parents raise a family. There are no manuals passed out before parents start a family. If you have special insight to help parents raise toddlers, teen-agers or anything in between, fill your new book with this information. Do it right and you could have a top seller on your hands in no time.

10. ____ Does your book help people gain friends and be popular. They may want to be a famous celebrity or be more popular in school or work. Your book will make them feel praised and admired.

11. ____ Does your book assist your audience in gaining pleasure. They may want to satisfy their food or drink appetite or even marital sexual desires. This will make them feel more fulfilled. For example, perhaps you know all about wine. You can share your knowledge with all the newbie wine coinsurers.

According to experts of the ten significant areas, your book need only have:

 1 for a newspaper or magazine article
 2 for a significant book
 3 for a best seller
 5 for a Pulitzer Prize
 6 for literary classic

Are you ready to start writing yet? You know the answer to that important question, “Should I write a book?” Did your book idea pass the test of significance in at least two areas? Great, it will sell! Now that you know your book is significant, go ahead take the plunge. Don’t hesitate any longer. Your audience is waiting for your unique ideas and viewpoint. Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

Ready to get started with your best idea for a book? You can find the full lesson of ‘How To Give Your Book The Test Of Significance’ and ’14 Point Test of Commercial Feasibility of Your Book Idea’ and get started writing a book along with a growing list of bonus reports and other helpful resources in the Book Writing Course at website.

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