Should I Self Publish An Ebook or Print Book First

This question came up in our recent online class: Should I publish an ebook or print book first? Before I answer that let me tell you about the top three paths to self publish a book.

Today, due to the advance of digital technology and print on demand technology you have more than several options available to you if you decide to self-publish. Of course, like any business venture self-publishing takes some self motivation, drive and initiative, but it’s not a difficult process. You just need to make the choice that you’re going to self-publish, and then take a look at the different ways to do it. You could choose one or more paths and a multitude of project methods to get you there.

Top Three Paths To Self Publish

PDF eBooks — Most people are aware of PDF eBooks these days, also known as digital publishing. You may have already done this without calling it self publishing. Perhaps you already have an eBook, eReport or two on your computer or website. Maybe you didn’t think that you were self-publishing when you offered your eBook or eReport for free or to sell to customers, but you most certainly were.

Kindle or Tablet eBooks — Not really new anymore, self-publishing your book to Kindle or to another tablet platform (like iBook or Nook) is a relatively simple process. If you don’t have a lot of pictures, graphs and charts in your book, then Kindle eBooks can be an additional money stream to self-publishing. Just format your book according to Kindle’s or chosen tablet platform instructions (or outsource it!) and you’re published within minutes.

Print Books — In the new millineum there are lots of services such as, or and other third-party publishing service companies that help you offer your book for print. This service is called Print on Demand, (POD) which means that nothing is printed until someone makes an order for your book. This is a wonderful way to get started with print books since the initial cost is minimal with no requirement to purchase a number of books to begin.

Now for that question that came up in our recent tele-class 5 Steps To Self Publish: How To Bring Your Book To Market Faster:

1. Should I do an ebook first or a print book. And what are the pros and cons of ebook vs print book.

I recommend the print book first; it will give you the most immediate gratification and benefits like: having a tangible product in hand when you announce it at your speaking engagement. The print book still offers the biggest boost in credibility, an uplevel to expert status in the public’s eyes, and a tangible big business card.

Since ebooks have increased in popularity, it’s also great to have an ebook version of your book. In my opinion it comes closer but still doesn’t quite offer the same benefits as a print book.

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