Promote Your Book With Your Passion of Writing

Do you have a passion for writing? Congratulations! You have a gift ready made to promote your book these days. You can participate in the Information Revolution like no other. I’ve compiled seven more wonderful ways to use your gift to promote your book. Begin afresh to share your gift of writing with the world. Implement a few or all of these in your regular marketing plan and prosper.

1. Booklet. Write a small booklet. Standard number ten envelope size is a good format. Choose tips or even task related to your book and place inside your new booklet. Or you might consider excerpting a whole mini-section. Only use enough to fill twenty to twenty-four booklet pages. Convert to a PDF file and send to printer. Remember to place a small ad on the back or one of the inside pages to promote your book and/or website.

2. Blog. Create a blog to house your regular articles and tips about the topic of your book. Stay focused; write post and blog articles about same subject or related subject of your book. Put an ad or book cover graphic in the side bar linked to the sales page of your book. Also, put a MORE text ad/link at the end of your blog post.

3. Workbook. Create a workbook on the same topic as your book. Use original book excerpts, questions and exercises. Develop it so it can be used as a stand-alone product. Write your workbook to explain your book’s topic further or provide as a study guide. Be sure to put a book ad inside workbook.

4. Ebook. Like the booklet, create a smaller version of your book to put inside an ebook. You can use an excerpt or Expand book content and compile into a PDF, MOBI and PUB file format to accommodate all ereaders. Or consider just offering the whole book as an ebook version.

5. Digital Articles. You might consider writing a smaller treatment of your book’s topic for Amazon’s or BN’s short documents categories. You can submit them the same way you do their respective ebook files. At the time of this writing, in Amazon’s search they pull up right along side their regular ebooks. Find out the requirements and discover a whole new way to promote your book….

If you don’t put your marketing plan to practice regularly, your book may never get the sales it deserves. Now go promote your book with writing; write with passion and prosper.

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