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Training Aspiring Authors To Achieve Their Dreams Earma Brown has created a number of products and solutions to support experts, entrepreneurs, business professionals, doctorates and aspiring authors in general who are looking to get their message out in a book & beyond and enjoy the journey along the way. Hundreds of professionals like you, have experienced these products,  followed the step-by-step instructions and created 24/7 lead generating books and multiple income streams that elevated their lives and the lives of their readers.   To find out more or to get started now, click the grapic or the link below each product.  Thank you for your interest. Browse around and come again soon.

100 Days To A Book is a highly practical goal oriented program designed to guide experts, entrepreneurs, business professionals and especially doctorate professionals to produce a book manuscript in such a way that generates leads and becomes a 24/7 sales magnet.   More Details  | Sign Up Now

Self Publish Your Way

Self Publish Your Way Then its second step goals oriented program is Self Publish Your Way program that has walked hundreds like you along with experts, entrepreneurs and business professionals including doctorate professionals through the self publishing process. At the end of this program, you will be a published author and equipped to repeat the process, if you so choose. More Details  |  Sign Up Now

Ebookitology How to Profit from Your Passion with eBooks & More Ten Tips to Profit From Your Passion! “Want to write an ebook that your readers will stampede like a herd of cattle to read? This unique step by step course and membership reveals the truth about ebook writing and publishing that every ebook author or marketer has absolutely got to know…this is the perspective no one really talks about! The course and membership also includes templates, checklist, bonus tutorials and Amazon Bestseller Kit for Platinum members. Sign up now  | Click Here for More Information

Write A Book This Weekend

The Ultimate Success Track: Write A Book This Weekend Virtual Retreat The Ultimate Success Track: Write A Book This Weekend is a virtual training event. It’s a weekend we make an appointment to set apart dedicated time to get your book done, taking the journey together, with us guiding you step-by-step through the process!   (“virtual” Two-Day program)!   Imagine your very own book with your name on the front and your expertise represented. In this program, Earma teaches you how to create a saleable book fast that will capture attention, interest and grab a boat load of leads. And get this, she supplies all the steps you need to do it in one short weekend! We’ve come up with a proven system, connect-the-dot instructions and a laser focused time to getting it done. Learn More    |  Sign Up Today   |  On Demand 


The Fast Track: 48 Days To A Book

The Fast Track: 48 Days To A Book System It’s important you get all the pieces of the puzzle, because if you don’t, you could miss out on getting your saleable book written the easy, fast way.   In fact, one of the things Earma teaches you in The Fast Track: 48 Days To A Book System are the VERY same strategies on how to write a saleable book specifically for the nonfiction genre.What’s a saleable book? It’s a book that LEVERAGES every strategic selling point available to you in and on your book including the cover, title, back cover, introduction, toc and more. Also, it INSPIRES your readers to BUY NOW, and (and most importantly) a book that your readers will not only enjoy reading but LOVE sharing!   Whether you’re an aspiring author or an experienced writer, you’ll discover strategies and Earma’s proven plan designed to help you create those saleable books again and again. All you need to do is follow her step by step system to see these results in YOUR book writing process. Learn More    |  Sign Up Now   | Home Study Version Now Available  |  Host A Class for your Organization or Writers Group (coming soon)

About Author 

Earma Brown, aka America's Book Success Coach, 12 Book Authorpreneur, Indie Publisher, and Creator of Book Success Academy, teaches entrepreneurs, experts, professionals, writers and wow women how to write and publish a 24/7 lead generating book YOU and their readers love and create multiple money streams for life.” Visit New! Jumpstart Resource: Free Book to get started with a book of your own.

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