One Path to Publish Via Amazon CreateSpace

I love the opportunity CreateSpace has created! I’ve found them to be much improved, after hearing a few horror stories from trusted sources of sloppy cover specs and poor customer service. I tested their self publishing platform with several of my 7×10 companion workbooks and a couple of 6×9 tradebook sizes. I designed the interior of the book in InDesign and created a PDF according to their specifications. I’ve also used their new MS Word templates to layout a few books to publish through CreateSpace. To be honest, I was a little nervous. For, I tried several different times to layout my books in MS Word for different printers. It did not go well each time.

With CreateSpace all was well, it passed their specs and the book looked great. So, I could review it I also designed several covers using their cover generator. I was not pleased with the quality I could come up with just using their online cover generator, so I ended up doing the artwork in Photoshop and inserting the design into one of their blank templates inside the online cover software. It worked very well this way. 

Here are two books published via Amazon’s Createspace. One book’s cover was designed in Photoshop and the interior was designed in Adobe Indesign. They were both then exported into a pdf and uploaded to CreateSpace according to the specifications. The other book cover was created using CS’s cover generator software and the interior of the book was created using their Word templates. The template is  pre-set with the margins specifications and other details. Was it easy? Yes, even though it took a minute getting using to their way of doing things. The print specifications and lead page arrangement vary between companies.

        How To Write A Book In 100 Days via CreateSpace Publishing

Like I told my friend with shoe-string budget, I recommend CreateSpace as a great starting platform to begin your publishing journey. It’s especially suited to Indie Authors who are not looking to form a company just yet or ever. I would still encourage you to use your own ISBN number but CS does have an option where you can use one of their ISBN numbers if you need to. (Remember the ISBN owner is officially THE PUBLISHER) Here are some pros and cons to publishing your book through the CreateSpace platform:

  • Publish with CreateSpace platform and list in their Amazon bookstore, the largest bookstore in the world, your book is instantly made available.
  • Join the CS Expanded Distribution Program, your book becomes visible to retailers around the world.
  • Avoid the delayed availibility sign posted on certain books – Usually ships in 2 to 3 weeks. (Since Amazon owns CreateSpace, I haven’t seen any delayed availibility signs on books published via CreateSpace.)
  • Make testing bed for great book ideas.
  • Upload using easy publishing system with templates, if needed.
  • Use No cost setup with upgrade packages available when ready.
  • Enjoy inexpensive proofing system. Online proofs now available and free.


  • No returns program available, so brick-and-mortar booksellers are unlikely to stock your book. Even so, it’s important to note experts currently say brick and mortar bookstores are not where most books are sold.
  • CreateSpace’s e-book solution available for distribution on Kindle network only. You have to access other networks like Apple’s iPad & BN’s Nook through apps. Other 3rd party ebook solutions like Smashwords, who makes several different networks available from one platform.

CreateSpace has reasonable prices and fairly good color results. Even so, according to many Blurb has a much higher quality with the higher price tag. The color POD vendors allow anyone (photographers, artists and authors) without experience in InDesign to create a book. It’s a great opportunity for small-run books, family books, or portfolios, but authors who want their books to compete in the general marketplace might want to consider other options a path like this for color publishing:
Don’t delay any longer. Get started today publishing your book on the Amazon’s CreateSpace easy system.

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