One Focus Is Better Than Six

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One focus is better than six. You haven’t heard from me in five months or so because I’ve been working in a non-profit and a day job. Which neither have been very lucrative YET but I’m thankful for what I have gotten. Also, I lost access to my list for a long while. Which brings me to why I’m talking to you. Yes, there is good news in this post and what it has to do with you. Obviously I’m reconnected with my list. But I’m morphing again. Blame it on my widowhood.  Stay with me, if you can, there is success straight ahead. I’ve decided I will not be a nutty professor anymore.

My kids used to call me a name similar to that when Mom had so many projects going and not so many closures. Or worse yet, I would complete but they didn’t profit anyone, who cares right.

Sooo! (drum roll please) I’m consolidating my brands into two or three, started with one on the non-profit side. If you’re Christian and interested you can find our 26 print books, online courses, products and speaking services over at the website

Back to my personal mission side of training aspiring authors and experts to write, publish and promote their books, you know Write To Win, 100 Days To A Book, Ebookitology, Weekend To A Book and more… Yes, Yes, I know I lost the websites in the darkest hour of Varn being sick and in hospital all the time. But a (my) brand is not just a website. Those ideas came from me. They’re coming with me and maybe some of you too (if you want to). Going forward to help me focus and rebuild, I will post exclusive updates, 50-70% off discounts and beta trainings in exchange for a review inside the Book Success Club.

I’ll be sending the first 70% Off discount to my email subscribers in a few hours or tonight. After it expires, it will be only available for new subscribers WOWWomenpreneur. My time is still limited but I wanted to at least say something before I sent it. If you want to access the 70% Off discount early, visit here and join the BSC group:

IAlso, we’ll announce what the consolidated brand will be soon.

I hope to hear from you. Let me know what my writings and services have meant to you and what has helped you most, if anything. Or if you were still planning to invest in one of my programs. If you’re ready now, you sign-up for that course here:


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