Make The Yes Louder With Clear Book Writing and Publishing Goals

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Now is a great time to set clear goals and meet them! I won’t bore you with the reasons we need to set goals. You already know those. Here’s a few tips to ‘make the yes louder in your head’ with clear goals. Push the re-set button on writing and publishing your book this year.

1. Make the yes in your head louder.

Declutter regularly. A confused mind says NO! Clutter is a major roadblock to action. Regularly clean your desk, office, house, and car of junk and things you no longer need or use. Set the one year rule. If you haven’t seen it or even thought about it in a year, most likely you can get rid of it.

2. Liberate your mind.

Write things down. Free up precious brain power – get things out of your head (to-do’s, ideas, and goals) by writing them down. Fill the commitment form out and date it. Now your life and the universe can go to work on your goal with you.

3. Live the draw-by-numbers lifestyle.

Create and use checklists. For any process or sequence of actions you perform on a regular basis, take a little time to create a checklist for it and use it as needed.

4. Create your tomorrows.

Plan tomorrow, today. Every day, before you wrap up your work day, write down the  three most important things you want to accomplish the next day. Put the list where you’ll see it the next day. This works wonders in establishing clarity. Try it.

5. Lose the bag of bricks.

Simplify Your Life. Reduce the number of things in your life that require your time to use or maintain. Choose quality (one great magazine) over quantity (four so-so magazines).

6. Feed your brain a better diet.

Turn off the Phone, Texting, TV occasionally. Watching TV puts your brain in a mode that represents the total opposite of taking action. Do it enough, and your brain could get stuck in that mode. Watch TV, but watch it with a purpose and less often. Stop walking around with your phone attached to you like an extra body part. You may not realize it but your relationships, your work, not to mention your goals suffer with less quality. You appear distracted all the time because, well, you are distracted most of the time, plugged into your Media.

So, implement these right away. You might forget otherwise and end up this time next year re-setting the same goals. Start by decluttering and making your YES really loud. Then write things down, using checklists. Simplify and create your tomorrows,today. And by all means, feed your brain better. You’ll be happy you did. After that’s done, set your goals afresh, including writing and publishing YOUR book among the top three.  Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

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Wishing you wonderful success,
America’s Book Success Coach, Creator of 100 Days To A Book

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