Is My Book Idea A Good One

Is My Book Idea A Good One?

Is My Book Idea A Good One?

Do you know if your book idea is a good one? Will it resonate with your readers? Have you chosen a book idea that has the potential to outsell your competition? They are all good questions. Your publisher would want to know. And you should know even if you’re self publishing.

I’m assuming you have gone through the process of selecting your book topic. You’ve done what it takes to pinpoint the best idea possible. Now there’s one more phase to complete before your book idea gets the stamp of approval. My students at the updated have been finding it useful; maybe you will too. Give the below litmus test (good indication of success or failure) to see if your book idea gets a stamp of approval.

1. Is this a book topic that I really have a great deal of interest in? Will I genuinely enjoy writing this book?

2. Are there at least ten to twenty places to promote/market my book (ezines, mailing lists, Web sites)? Does it lend itself well to search engine marketing?

3. Are there at least five people that I can interview as part of the book?

4. Have I identified at least three to five pressing problems that my readers are currently facing?

5. Can I find at least 100,000 prospects through online and offline opt-in e-mail lists?

6. Have I read at least three to four of my competitors’ books?

7. Can I find at least five distinguishing factors to write about in my book, that my competitors have not focused upon?

8. Have I come up with at least five benefits of why my book ideas are better than my competitors?

9. Are there at least five people from whom I can get testimonials or endorsements?

10. Have I come up with a great domain that is both memorable and applicable to my book’s content?

Answering the ten questions above will decide if your book idea can withstand the scrutiny of the book marketplace. You must at least answer ‘yes’ to eight of the questions before getting the stamp of approval. Then you move on to the developmental stage. For now, give your book the Ten Point Stamp of Approval Checklist above.

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