How To Write A Book Like A Pro

How To Write A Book Like A Pro

Is your book manuscript compelling? Tell the truth; could it use some work to make it crisp? Yes. Here are some tips to make your book writing pull readers in by the collar. Also, you’ll discover how to write a book that keeps them reading to the end. Make it compelling enough and your book readers will tell all their friends about your great book.

Use the tips below to help you write your book like a pro to finish stronger and sell longer:

  1. Use shorter sentences. Slash your sentences to under fifteen to seventeen words. Don’t bog your readers with complex sentences. Remember multiple phrases slow your reader’s comprehension. Make it easy. Get to the point fast.
  2. Write compelling copy. Write for the seventh to ninth grade level. Reward your readers with benefits for them. Clear, easy to understand copy makes your reader want to read your book to the end. Fill your writing with what’s in it for them. They’ll come back for more and tell all their friends and family to go get your book. Further yet, they’ll love it and want to buy your book as gift to them.
  3. Write with specific details. Avoid generalities. Engage your reader’s emotion with specifics. Let them experience color, size and shape. Instead of, “Complete your degree online fast to increase your income.” Say, “Complete your master degree online fast so you can upgrade your lifestyle, get vacations, health insurance and other corporate benefits.” Specific benefits create a stronger pull than the general benefit of increased income.
  4.  Slash adverbs within your book. Go through and cut words like openly, suddenly, very that tell the reader instead of show the reader. Circle all the (ly) and very words. Pull out your thesaurus and replace them with power words that show emotion or describe.
  5. Write your book coherently. Does your book make logical sense? Test it; make sure it sounds natural by reading it aloud. When you don’t understand something, your reader will misunderstand too. After it’s passed the self-editing process, pass it on for peer editing.

If you don’t put these How to Write Your First Book tips into practice you could end up with a dull boring manuscript. Instead, you could take my advice and attract a host of ezine publishers, other web sites and book readers searching for more of your material? The best part is they’ll come prepared to pull out their card and buy because your writing caught their attention and kept it. Now go; write your first book like a pro to finish stronger and sell longer.

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