How To Use The 100 Ways Outline

How To Use The 100 Ways Outline

How To Use The 100 Ways Outline

Are you tired of trying to pull it all together to get your book written, published and the usually under-estimated, promoted to success. Here’s how to easily create your book chapters’ content to express not only a high-quality core message, but also to  generate new leads and create multiple income streams for you.

A new day has dawned! You can now develop a quality book Content that also creates a lead magnet book that you and yours readers love!

By now, after nearly twenty years, I’ve lost count of how many successful books I’ve seen organized in one of the three ways, I’m about to tell you about below.

Shortly, after you finish this article or even before you finish, you can use this simple strategy whether you are speaking or writing your book into print.

With one of these three proven and time-tested plans, you could easily create your book chapters’ content to not only express a quality core message, but also to attract all the new leads and business you want.

3 Time Tested Strategies for Outlining Your Book

100 WAYS or Ten Chapters With Ten Points – may be the simplest way to create a high-quality and highly focused book fast.

* PROBLEM AND SOLUTION – a highly practical strategy to solidify and establish you as an authority in your industry or field.

* PROCESS OR SYSTEM – research has shown people pay much more for information presented as a system than anything else.

Now, here is my favorite and the top strategy you could cash in and use.

Three Steps to Use the “100 Ways” Strategy to Author Your Book

Use the “Ten Chapters with Ten Points” plan. With this plan, you take the topical information that you have gathered for the book. Divide this information into ten sub-topics. You use your existing information first; then do research
to fill in any holes. Create an outline from your list of topics.

Write your table of contents from your outline. Take each sub-topic, write a chapter introduction, and create ten points then a summary. After all this you write your front and back matter including the book’s introduction. With the “Ten Chapter
– Ten Point” plan, you will have at least 100 points to angle and use to sell your book.

Again, this is a simple way to organize the content of a high-quality book. A compelling title and subtitle is built into this strategy. For only three easy steps.

1. Brainstorm a list of 100, 101, 111, 40, 30 ways (or any other number) to do X – where X is your book topic. Remember the steps to S.E.L.E.C.T. a lead generating topic in a previous lesson.

2. Then write in detail 100 ways (or another number) for reader action. Or if you downloaded my 40 Article Writing Templates, you may have ten tightly related articles that could serve as your chapters.

3. Write or speak one to two first draft pages for each of the 100 ways to create a manuscript which, after editing, it could be about 160-170 pages (which is the length of an average business book) or less (By the way, shorter is most
popular these days).

In a previous lesson, I told you about a book I wrote and published in one short weekend before a speaking engagement a few weeks later. That book and speaking engagement turned into several additional lucrative projects. Furthermore, that same body of content I turned into a course and two more information products that created multiple income streams.

You know, you could do the same, using this simple little strategy.

Are you wondering what plan to use to get your book written fast using the tiny blocks of time you have available? You’ve conquered the giant called procrastination. You’ve taken the time to learn about book writing. You’re
ready to put action to your dreams.

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