How To Transform 1 Book Into A Wildly Successful Series

Did you know publishers love book series and readers become fanatical over a serial of books. A series of books build brand. If you don’t know already, according to Theresa Meyers, “A brand is an implied promise to the consumer that they’ll be receiving a particular thing consistently from an author.”
   Begin to change your thinking. Don’t look at your book as a one time thing or a one title event. Begin to look at it as the beginning of your successful author journey. If you are looking for an easier journey, more rewards and more profits with a series of books, follow the tips below:

1 Create a service manual or guide as a companion book for your original book. Also, name this guide or manual as a part of the series. The 100 Days to a Book course book is a part of the Write to Win Series.

2  Design a book of templates with instructions as a companion resource for the original book. I wanted to further serve my Article Marketing Speedway customers, so I devised article writing templates to go with the Article Marketing Speedway Series.

3 Create an Audio Book. Audio books are easy. Simply record yourself (or someone else) reading your book content. Yup, just read, record and you’ve got an audio book.

4. Think about releasing each book of the series close to one another, if possible. You would need to think about the cost and the work you can put into each one. You may know by now there’s hard work involved in writing, publishing and marketing a book.

5. Commission your cover designer to unify the design elements into each cover. Give the books a series name or collection name and use it on each cover.

If you don’t change your thinking, your book could end up being a tiny drop in the scheme of life. Instead plan a wildly successful series of books and products to finally make the splash you’re destined to make. Best wishes for your greatest success yet; I look forward to seeing your name in print many times.

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