How To Select A Hot Topic For Your Book

Have you wondered, how to select a hot book topic you and your readers will love? Simply put, to do that you target a niche market or audience in your book’s topic area: Identify a problem or solution and research your competition. Then develop a different approach. With all the books in the world on your topic, it’s not enough to know the solution. You must present the solution in a different way than existing books do.

1. Passion. Allow your passion to guide you to a book topic. Choose a topic that will capture your interest for at least two years. Remember, your book is a part of you. Many authors call the book they wrote their baby. After all, it’s an accumulation of your speeches, your expertise and your research that you will birth. If you don’t love your topic, you hinder your chances to be successful. No one will take an interest if you don’t, so choose well.

2. Solutions. Offer solutions to your readers. Better yet, create the prescription pill. To create prescription non-fiction, write a book to fill the needs or desires of people in your field. People look for solutions to their problems. In fact, most of us are looking for the prescription pill. Make your book the prescription pill by providing solutions to your reader’s problems. The more intense the problem and the easier you can make your solution, the more readers will seek out your book.

Business books sell well. People are searching for help with specific skills such as writing, reading, speaking, computing, communication, math, sales, marketing and the Internet. Nonfiction, self-help or how-to topics sell best. I encourage you to write a short, nonfiction book first. When you write a saleable non fiction title first, it can easily finance your other book projects.

3. Comparisons. Compare your book with other top selling books in your field. What way is your book like theirs? What makes your book different from others? How can you make your book better? Can you offer more detail? Can you make your more easy to read when others on the market are too complex. Is your book the only one of its kind? If it is, it could be more difficult to sell because mainstream buyers don’t know about it. To find out what category your book fits in, visit your local bookstore.

Ask the bookseller to help you. Turn to the back covers–look at the upper left side to see the two or three categories usually listed there. Which ones does your book fit under? Let your book develop a new angle on the problem to be solved. A new weight loss book might sell way more copies when the author aims it at middle-aged women and calls it Getting Fit at Fifty: Fabulous Ways to Become the New Forty.

After selecting a book topic that stands out in the crowd and sells, develop a way of making your book different. You need a different viewpoint, a niche, or a different spin on perhaps the same information. Examine the problem again. Look at the solution your book solves with the goal of coming up with a way to present your knowledge differently than existing books.

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