How To Market A Book With Internet Publishing

A new day has dawned! The Information Revolution is still in full swing. If you’re dissatisfied with the results of the old way of book marketing, read this article to discover how to market a book with Internet Publishing. As you may know Internet Publishing or electronic publishing is the distribution of information, software, art, music and more. It is delivered electronically by the Internet, CD-Rom, DVD, MP3 or other electronic devices. The material is in the form of books, music, blogs, information website, reports, magazines and more.

Internet Publishing using new technology allows publishers to offer content to their readers fast and efficiently. It has forever changed the way we receive news, information and the way we are entertained. It is the age of instant access. We access books, news, music wherever and whenever we want. Here’s ten ways to market a book using Internet publishing.

1. Articles. You can excerpt or write fresh material on the same subject as your book. Pull from all the information gathered during your research process. Then use these articles to market your book. Send them out like marching men to promote your book. They will spread all over and began to create a fresh stream of books sales or pump up existing sales. Need help developing your articles? Visit here:

2. eBooks. Excerpt or expand your book content; compile into a PDF file, text, HTML or EXE file. Look for a free way to convert content to a PDF file in the resource section of this website. Additionally, if you need further information on how to create, sell and promote your book as an ebook go to

3. Newsletters. Use your newly developed articles and excerpts in an offline or an online ezine. Your book could easily yield enough content for a year’s worth of newsletters.

4. Information Products. Compile your multi-media kit by putting your book, audio book, workbook and/or DVDs together. After combining the elements of your Info Product or eKit, create graphics to sell as one product.

5. Pod cast. Record yourself talking about your book topic. You may read part of your book (sections or chapters of content.) Or you can just talk about it. Remember, you are the expert now. Just let it flow; talk about what you know.  You can use the free software product I referred to earlier to record your pod cast.

If you haven’t started using the Internet to market a book (your book), you are already late. There’s no need to wait any longer. The Internet Publishing revolution has started without you. Even so, there’s still time to jump in before it’s too late with promoting your message and your book. Get started today. Best wishes for success in marketing your book!

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