How To Finish A Book Faster

How To Finish A Book Faster by Earma Brown

How To Finish A Book Faster by Earma Brown

How To Finish A Book FASTER And Achieve Your Publishing Goals In A Few Weeks

Are you ready to finish your book project and achieve your goals. Now is the time to do it. There’s a self-publishing revolution going on. There’s still time for you to jump in.  Two more of my students and clients met their goal of writing and publishing their books this month.  I am so proud of them for realizing their dream of becoming authors. For one of them, it’s been more than several years since we started talking about him doing a book. But, hey life happens. As you’ll hear about later, finishing is better than starting. Which is why, I’m still writing to help you realize your book dream, too. Here are a few more goal-achieving tips to help bring your book to market sooner.

1. Avoid Danger.

Become proactive. Learn to recognize and avoid potential dangers that will appear along the road to achieving your goals. Distractions can be deadly to your goals. So, do your best to stay focused. Stop scattering your efforts.

2. Bust Through Roadblocks.

Clutter, in your mind and physical world creates obstacles to reaching your goals. The more clutter, the more obstacles. Simplify and organize your life.

3. Stop Driving in Reverse.

Negativity – I can’t, you never, nobody ever, doesn’t just prevent you from reaching your goals, it pushes you away from them.

4. Evade Dead Ends.

Distractions not only consume your precious time, but lead to nowhere. Stick to your map to avoid these resource-draining dead-ends.

5. Create a road (goal) map.

You must know where you are going at all times. Create a written map with simple specific targets and deadlines. Review it regularly to make sure you stay on course!

6. Make a manifesto.

Develop a word cloud of words and phrases that speak your truth or your core message. It will clarify your message and lend tangibility to your central truth of your project, business and even life.

7. Build a vision board.

Similar to a manifesto, a vision board will help clarify your vision. Most of all it will develop something tangible for your faith to take hold to. Remember, faith is the substance of things hoped for. To create a Vision Board, put pictures, symbols and words that inspire you on a bulletin board and hang it where you can look at it regularly.

8. Be a finisher.

Finish things. Complete one project before starting another. Of course, this not a law or even a science. But if you have a problem with finishing, it’s one good way of breaking a bad habit of unfinished projects all over the place. There’s an ancient proverb that confirms this principle, “To finish a matter is better than starting.”

Get ready; set, finish it! If not already, you can finish things up by being proactive, bust through any roadblocks, stop driving in reverse, evading dead ends, using a goal map, making a manifesto, building a vision board.

After you’ve finished the writing, go for your publishing goals next quarter, bringing your book to market faster than ever.

Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

Best wishes for your wildly successful book,
America’s Book Success Coach

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