Finding Your Book Readers Before Chapter One

Is your book idea unique or distinctive? A unique book concept is one of a kind, only book of its type in a particular area or maybe in the world. A distinct book concept is one which is similar to other concepts but has some element that makes it stand out from the crowd.

It has a special difference. Distinctions don’t have to be big. The distinction need only provide a benefit or promise that’s different from what’s currently offered in the marketplace or different from what’s currently marketed as part of the product or service.

In the business arena, many years ago a non-descript water company used a simple mountain spring in their name and logo, even when the water originated from a local water sources. The water company’s success sky rocketed past other similar non-descript companies.

Another example is a coffee company advertised that their coffee was mountain grown. It caught the attention of coffee customers around the world. It seemed fresh and exciting.

All the other coffee companies pointed out all coffee was mountain grown. The other company was just the first one to point it out in their marketing distinction; they never said they were the only ones.

Develop a way of making your book distinctive. You need a different viewpoint, a niche, or a different spin on perhaps the same information. Examine the problem again. Look at the solution your book solves with the goal of coming up with a way to present your knowledge differently than existing books.

So, think about what makes you and your book distinctive? What makes you different and why should a reader choose your book over another author’s book in the same category?

These are difficult questions but ones that must be answered to help you position your book in the market to succeed.

As a book author you provide a unique experience to your readers. But any old USP –Unique Selling Proposition won’t do. It’s not enough to look at how you’re different from your competition. In order to position yourself and your book well, so your value is easily identifiable, it’s important to look at your topic from your reader’s perspective.

What value do you offer them? What makes you different in the eyes of your readers and potential readers? When you understand your topic from your reader’s point of view, it’s much easier to identify a powerful and effective USP.

Three Things To Consider – Ask and Answer

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes for a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

Be Special. Do you offer any special skills or experience that your competition does not? Can you offer up information with your product that will help your prospects in their daily lives?

Do Teach. Find out what parts of your core message can you teach to a group. Why is your book a must have for your reader? What makes your book the right choice for them? For example, are you the only author who also has the same background and experience as your audience?

Maybe you’re a single parent who spent time serving your country in the military and your readers are those with the same background who want to start a business and would appreciate your knowledge and experience.

Add value. Is there a gap in your industry that your book could fill? How can you help fill this gap and add value to your potential readers and customers? How can you make their life easier?

So, in summary Trying to appeal to everyone will end up causing you to appeal to no one. Instead, focus on your ideal reader and work to create a USP that speaks to them. Your readers will begin to gravitate to you, in essence they will begin to find you, all because you decided to be distinctive. Then, include it in every single marketing tactic and watch your dream book readership grow and prosper.

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