How To Find The Time To Write A Book

How To Find The Time To Write A Book

If you create it correctly, a book will establish you as an author]ity (Remember the root word of authority is author), you can boost your revenues starting the first thirty days you begin writing it and within the next month start generating multiple income streams, that provide you with great personal and business fulfillment and much more.

In today’s post, you will discover the #1 and biggest block that independent professionals and entrepreneurs face and that they say stop them from authoring a book. Then, you will receive three of the five practical ways in the infamous words of Nike, “Just do it!

Over the years and in a recent survey, the biggest complaint from people is, “I don’t have enough time to write a book.” If I had a quarter for every time I’ve read or heard this as a reason, a person hasn’t written their book yet, I would be rich by now.

I can add to that, most of us are busy to the max. But it’s just like anything else that you really want to do. You prioritize. If you want to get your book written now, it has to make it into
your top three priorities. Then implement fast writing techniques and use a proven system to get it done faster than ever…

 3 Top Steps To Find The Time to Write Your Book

 1)  Make specific appointments with YOURSELF in your calendar to write or speak your book. I mean actually do what you do when you put in your doctor’s appointment. Is it on your phone, Outlook, paper organizer book? Wherever it is, put your book writing appointment there.

If not already, you’ll soon discover using the new book model, a correctly formed book can generate more leads and sales than any other marketing strategy or tactic over the life cycle of your book.

Here’s another thing, if you really want to make progress this time and not eventually give up, make those appointment times RIGID. Don’t miss one of them for anything less important than a medical emergency.

 2)  For each appointment, make it an hour and a half. At least, go for an hour, if your time doesn’t permit the hour and a half time frame.

Why? When you first sit down to work on your book, the first twenty minutes or so are spent preparing and warming up. The last ten minutes or so are spent finishing things up. With at least an hour and a half, you have one full hour to work, productively.

 3)  Just Say “NO” to any interruption during your appointments. Well I know I put NO in all caps; you don’t have to be mean about it but do be firm. Get your family to help. Again, the only exception is medical emergencies. Stick to that ground rule or no one else will. Remember, they (your family, your staff, your friends, the Universe) are taking their cue from you on how serious
you are about finishing your book.

So, get in the habit and you’ll find the time in unexpected spots. Think about it, just fifteen minutes a day adds up to almost eight hours each month.

If you are wondering how to pick the right topic for your book, or how to organize the chapters and more don’t worry. Sign up for The New Book Model mini-course for a limited time, I’ll share more of the actual steps of a time-tested system you can use to author a book that generates leads and creates multiple income streams. Or sign up now for the updated flagship course of Earma’s at

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