How To Create Catchy Book Title With 7 Step Formula

Have you realized your book’s title will help sell your book? Don’t let your important message slide into obscurity because you didn’t spend time refining your book’s title. Start your book marketing off to a good start by titling well. Here’s a seven step formula to help create a catchy title:

Quantify your title. Researchers say in titles the twelve or less numbers are best. More often than not using a number serves as an automatic curiosity trigger. When the author wrote Five      Q.U.I.C.K. Book Title Techniques, most people (that are interested in creating a better title) want to immediately go read what five techniques will create a better title.

Solution: Put a number in your book title. Make it less than twelve to create a compelling title.

Pinpoint your book’s top benefit.Will it answer a question in your field or solve a problem. Include the Solution In Your Title. Does your title shout your main benefit? Does it sell your      solution? For example, the Gwen Shamblin’s book title shouts her greatest benefit in the title, “The Weigh Down Diet: Inspirational Way to Lose Weight, Stay Slim and Find a New You.”

Solution: Include your top benefit in your book title.

Make it easyMake It Easy for Readers to Buy. Readers want creative solutions. They want a program that they can simply follow directions and see wonderful results. For example, “7 Steps to Fearless Public Speaking” offers seven easy steps to enjoy the benefits the title promises.

Solution: In your title clue your readers that it’s easy and simple for them to reap the benefits of your book.

Be specific. Include specific benefits in your book title. Specific benefits included in the book title encourage sales. Be sure to include benefits in your subtitle especially if your main title doesn’t have any. “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow them and people will follow you” has the main benefit included in the subtitle.

Solution: Include top benefit in subtitle to create even more sales.

Include your audience. Include Your Audience In Your Title. Including your audience in your book title gives your book a slant. Without a slant, your book may  miss sales. A slanted book title helps your audience realize they need your book. For example, the Chicken Soup series for Teen-Agers, Mothers, even Prisoners sold much better that the original more general Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Solution: Give expert advice to a specific group of people. Target a group of people within your broad market.

Upgrade your title from mysterious to understandable. I must admit mysterious and creative titles will grab your readers’ attention. But do they finish the job? I mean do they get attention, draw your potential reader in for the read and then deliver or disappoint?

Solution: The thing to do is craft a creative but understandable title that starts and finishes. For example, my creative and mysterious title “3 Little Pigs Went to Market But One Went Faster” made my readers curious. But the revised version accomplished my goal much better as “3 Little Books Went to Market But One Went Faster.” Same play on the nursery rhyme but more effective with pulling in the right readers.

 Distill  your thesis statement to a concept. Can you summarize your book’s main concept into one  sentence. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it at first. Keep working at it until you can express the main concept of your book into one sentence. Then apply the seven step title principles to that one sentence.

Solution: Tell a story, create a memes or proclaim a solution with your book’s concept title. Remember, Chicken Soup for the Soul, 7 Steps to Fearless Public Speaking or the Dummies series of books. Each version’s title told a story with their concept.

Don’t delay any longer. Put your best foot forward by creating a catchy title using the seven step formula I just gave you. Now is the time to create the best title for your book. If you don’t create a catchy title for your book, your message may never receive the sales and attention it deserves. So, use the seven step formula: quantify your title, pinpoint your book’s top benefit, make it easy, be specific, include your audience, upgrade your title to understandable and distill your thesis statement into a title concept. You have the formula; now go create your best title and prosper!

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