How To Become The Instant AUTHORity With A Book

How To Become An Instant Authority With A Book - Earma Brown
How To Become An Instant Authority With A Book - Earma Brown

Book Writing and Self Publishing Tips

Have you noticed the word author is in the word authority? There’s good reason for that. Write the book that solves problems for your audience. Then, you become the authority on the subject. Furthermore, now you can now see your name in print. Or you can even own your own independent publishing company. If you have a great idea and a burning desire to write, publish, then learn to promote your book–all from the same source, there is no better time than NOW. And there is no better guide to writing and publishing than twelve book authorpreneur & indie publisher, Earma Brown, Creator of 100 Days To A Book, Your Words Your Way, Book Success Academy and iWIN Founder.

No more excuses — you don’t have to take this journey alone. If you are an expert, an entrepreneur or professional ready to see your name in print, or just eager to learn more about the profitable world of writing and publishing possibilities, she has prepared a brand new book camp that covers all the bases for you, the Signature Book Camp with you in mind.

You too CAN Write & Publish Your Book easier than ever before. Earma loves to develop resources that teach you as an expert or professional deliver your message effectively and then make money using your information.

Pen, Publish And Promote Your Words Your Way

Get Rid of the Stop & Start Method — Finish Strong!

I used the stop and start method. I’d write a little bit and then quit because life happened. I would end up with not enough time, so I thought. Or a major event interrupted everything and the book manuscript ended up in the drawer with other unfinished projects.

You see, I didn’t have a lack of ideas for books. I just didn’t have a plan and the focus to bring it all to fruition. You’ve probably already guessed it. One day it all came together for me. It was like I had been handed a gift. I wrote and completed my first manuscript. Then what? Nothing happened – A big fat NADA.

A few weeks went by after I completed my manuscript, a friend known for her candor came up to me and said, “What are you waiting on? I know a guy who just published his book and he’s working on his second. I read his stuff and I’ve read yours. I like your material waaay better! So, I know you’re smarter and can write better; what are you waiting on?

The rest is history. Back then, I went on a mission to find the knowledge to write and publish my book. It’s not like it is now. There’s information everywhere with the Publishing Revolution going on…So, not immediately, but after a bit of searching I discovered one paragraph in a book of one of my mentors. It was like a tiny piece of thread that I kept pulling on.

Each time I pulled, more was revealed. I didn’t learn everything from that tiny paragraph but I kept searching. Each bit of information I discovered, I wrote it down in my little notebook I started for writing and publishing.

I kept pursuing until I had the whole process. I kept telling my friends I think I can do this. Even though I had the whole process worked out in my mind, I had no money and no budget. A friend and I were talking, and she asked, “Would you know what to do if you had the money to publish and then help me.

And do you have anything to publish after knowing what to do with the money to do it?” I know that sounds awkward but that’s what she asked. My mouth dropped open saying, “Do I have anything to publish! I have works lined up that I would publish.”

As I mentioned earlier, my problem has never been having a lack of ideas to write and publish. Twelve plus books later, I still have ideas to pursue. But enough about me and my journey. Let’s talk about your book writing and publishing dream…

I suspect that if you’ve made it this far in my letter, its in you to write and publish your best book this year. It’s your destiny too–to impact the lives of others for better. If you have a message or a concept that you want to put in book form and see published, you are in the right place. This is the right course for you.

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