5 More Small Steps To Grow A Great Blog

Have you developed your blog into a marketing machine yet? In case you haven’t noticed blog marketing has become one of the tools needed to help build your author’s platform after, during and even before you write your book.

A Blog is a great tool to spread your important message to the world. Also, if you are an aspiring author it is a great place to start building your author’s platform. Your blog can be one of the top elements any potential publisher visits to get an idea of your writing skills. They know your author’s platform will help sell books. According to how influential your platform is, it could help sell a lot of books. A blog will help measure your growing influence in your field or topic.
So, let’s continue growing your great blog. Here are five more tips to increase your influence and brand yourself through a blog.

6. Use great graphics, images, photos, video and more. Make it your aim from the start to use quality images, graphics and media to help speak your message. Believe it or not; some of us still enjoy picture books. Your quality photos and media will stimulate your readers and enhance their reading experience. They will stay on your site longer and come back more often just to see and read what you have to say.

7. Use bullet points, numbered list and good layout practices. Many of your online readers skim. They will look at the high points and decide if they have time or want to take the time to read your post. Make it easy for the skimmers; chunk your content (post); use lists and even headings in longer post. Yes, we have advanced in technology and a lot is read on screen. But you will still lose a lot of readers with a wall of words. So, use shorter paragraphs, sentences and chunk your post to retain the attention of more.

8. Practice linking within your blog. As you grow your blog, remember to practice linking. Link to your other popular posts. Link to other successful bloggers post; remember success by association principle. On the WordPress platform, you might consider using LinkWithin or Yet Another Related Post plugins to improve your linking strategies.

9. Invite interaction with you and your blog. After every post, issue an invitation to your readers to comment, ask a question and/or ask for feedback. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a lot of responses at first, especially if you haven’t been asking. Keep asking and offer small incentives to those who engage or offer feedback. Let your readers know how much you love it when they comment.

10. Use keywords, meta descriptions and SEO techniques. Make it easy for the search engines to find your blog. It will do little to no good if you are pinging and don’t have good keywords and search engine optimization in place. On the WordPress platform, install the All In One SEO pack.

Don’t wait around anymore. Get started today! Use the above tips to build your author’s platform through a blog. Even if you’ve just started or barely finished writing your book, an established blog will help market it to the world.

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