Get Organized & Write Your Book

Get Organized n Write a Book!

Get Organized & Write a Book!

Researchers say we waste over 150 hours a year looking for mislaid information. Develop an organization method that fits you. Book Coach Judy Cullins says it well, “Stop piling and start filing.”
For example, to save time and get organized you can create a master folder with your book’s title. Inside, keep a separate file for each chapter. Assign each chapter a short title that will make sense later. If you don’t have a title then assign names by topic. Put research notes or resources in each chapter named folder.

For longer books, create a separate folder for your book and each chapter. Create a hard copy file folder and a computer folder in your directory list. In Microsoft Word select ‘Save As’ under File. Go to My Documents and create a folder name after your book. Put all your book related files in this folder. For shorter version books, make sure you create a separate folder for your book so you can easily find it when you are ready to work.

Take action today. Get organized to get rid of time-wasters. Write your organization plan out on a sheet of paper. Better yet, if you have some time, just do it, get started now. If not, set aside an hour or two to organize your files and/or purchase a file cabinet, folders and labels for your book project.
Word of the Day:
“You are never really playing against an opponent. You are playing against yourself, your own highest standards. And when you reach your limit that is real joy.” –Arthur Ashe

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