Five Easy Reasons To Create A Kindle Book Now

Five Easy Reasons to Create a Kindle Book Now

Why create an Amazon Kindle book now? And just how easy is it?

In case you haven’t noticed we’re in the middle of an ebook revolution; ebooks have been trending upward. Especially Amazon, they are leading the way. You heard about Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon buying the Washington Post recently. There’s a reason he could do that and not blink.

According to the Institute for Local Self Reliance Amazon accounted for one-third of online shopping revenue as of mid-2012 to the tune of $48.08 billion in revenue. The company holds even more of the market when looking at online book sales — it has 75% of online book sales and 61% of e-book sales. So, that’s the reason I say now is a good time to create a Kindle book.

Now for just how easy is it. Perhaps you’ve had a book inside you all along and now the opportunity is ripe to get it out there and share it with the world.  But you might be like a lot of people, intimidated by the idea of writing a book. Here are a few ideas to let you know just how easy it is to create a Kindle book.

1) It doesn’t have to be traditional “book-length”

Here’s the first and probably most encouraging part:  your Kindle book does not have to be what you would consider “book-length.”  Not even close.

In fact, your Kindle book can have just a few pages.  You need only find the sweet spot between delivering on the promise you made in the title and description, length, and price. If the book is very short, you may consider charging just 99 cents, the lowest permissible price currently on Kindle.  You probably won’t get rich from the royalties, but at 99 cents, your book could be a terrific impulse buy and bring lots of warm leads.

2) Kindle pages are smaller than regular pages

Not only does your Kindle book not have to contain very many pages, but the pages themselves don’t hold as much text as your regular page.

Simply reformat your pages to Kindle’s A5 format, and you’ll discover that your 2000-word essay has become a lot longer! My clients and I publish reports and long article length ebooks to provide good information to a targeted audience and capture a lion’s share of customers, leads and subscribers to our websites.

3) You may well have ready-made content

Have been paying due diligence to promote your products and websites through article marketing? You may be one of the thousands who submitted quality articles over the years to article banks and directories?  If so, you’ve got ready made content sitting on your hard drive.  Simply gather up a few of your articles, theme them, arrange them into a logical sequence, fill in any gaps, write an introduction and a conclusion, add a table of contents, a resource section, and a brief bio.  And voila! You have an instant Kindle book.

You can also do the same thing with blog posts. After you have published your first Kindle book, you can grab a few more posts, and assemble your second book easily. While you’re doing that, pay attention to whether you can group them under the same topic; then release them as a series and bundle them for extra pow!

4) Rewrite PLR content

If you have purchased PLR content, which is “Private Label Content,” you also received permission to republish that content under your own name or pen name.

Be careful with this one. Amazon does not like PLR and forbids it in their terms. If you decide to use it, incorporate it as a jumpstart. Even then, it’s best to rewrite it, reassemble it, and add some of your own information before you package it as a Kindle book. You don’t want people to buy your book only to discover that they already have that book, published by another author.

5) Start writing content from scratch

If you don’t have pre-written articles, blog posts, or appropriate PLR content, here’s a way to start writing new content yourself.

Just write articles from scratch, one at a time, and publish them on your blog or in article directories, or maybe both.  After you have a few built up, theme them, arrange them into a logical sequence, fill in any gaps, write an introduction and a conclusion, add a table of contents, a resource section, and a brief bio.

Now whenever you start thinking it might be hard to create a Kindle book. Remember, it doesn’t have to be traditional length; in the Kindle format even a short book can go a long ways; you can use your existing content, PLR content or easily create new content. So, creating the content for your Kindle book doesn’t have to be a huge project.  Start with what you have and eBook your way to success.

Getting published on Kindle can be very rewarding. And considering just how easy it is, there’s little reason left to get started now.

Here’s one good way to get started:

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