Finally Finished! Book Marketing for New Authors

You finally finished! Congratulations on writing and publishing your new book. Are your sales going as well as you hoped? Could you use some book marketing help? Perhaps you are just starting and looking for ways to sell your book. Or you’ve been at it a minute now but the honeymoon is over with your book sales.

Either way, I’ve got good news for you! Join the Information Revolution. There’s a whole new Internet audience waiting to hear about your insightful book that solves their problem in your field. Include Internet Marketing in your book marketing – promotion plan. Use a couple of these guaranteed marketing techniques and explode your book sales to a whole new level.

Easy Book Marketing Checklist:

_____1. Create a book marketing plan or revise your old one to include Internet Marketing.

Your book marketing plan is what I often describe as your map. It describes your book, what you will do after the book is completed and published. It also describes who you hope to sell your book to – target audience.

_____2. Develop an easy author’s website to jumpstart your Book Marketing plan.

If you don’t have one that focuses on your book or you as an individual, create one. Your website is now one of the first places clients will look to find out more about you. The better quality it is, the more it will pre-sell you and your book itself. First impressions are important. Make your website a good one that accurately reflects your book and you as an individual.

_____3. Know the one sentence version of your “mission statement” to attract new targeted clients through email.

Remember prospects don’t buy your education or career titles, they want to know what’s in it to help them. Place that one sentence as the second line of your signature file.

_____4. Put your power-packed signature file at the bottom of each email you send.

It will soft-sell your book each time you contact someone via email. Be sure to develop different signature files for different promotions. Use each one to drive targeted visitors to your book’s website.

_____5. Write a sales letter for each book you want to sell.

Like a mini-salesman, your sales letter will sell your book 24/7 and make you money even while you sleep.

If you don’t include the Internet in your Book Marketing plan, you could be this time next year with the same disappointing level of sales. Don’t wait join the Information Revolution today; use any of the above marketing ideas to explode your book sales to a new level. Discover the promotion techniques it takes to have an abundance of book sale customers every month.

Earma Brown is an expert in book writing, publishing and marketing advice. She focuses on innovative and unique techniques to helping others get their book written, published and ready to sell in record time. She has been successful in using the Internet to sell her own twelve books and push them to profit faster. Download Earma’s newest epackage Easy Book Marketing for New Authors today with  4 FREE eBooks.

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