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The holidays and the end of the year is always a good time to reflect, review your life and business. Then the New Year is a great time to implement the results of that reflection and reviewing you did.  I enjoy sharing what worked for me or any Aha moments during the year. Did you have any aha moments during the previous year? Or do you have a couple of favorite tools or resources that you would share. If so, go to the comment section of the Write to Win blog and leave a comment or post a comment at my http://facebook.com/earma.brown page. I would love to hear from you. Also, I want to give away two scholarships to the 100 Days To A Book course. Here’s my short list of favorite tip, tool, resource and mentors:

Favorite 2023 Tip: Focus, streamline, and clarify. Earlier in the year, I looked at my overall statement of what I do; I saw how scattered and unfocused the presentation of my products and services were. I was amazed I was attracting any business at all. I realized by the time my potential customers and clients figured out what I was offering the connection may have been lost. Anyway, I went on a mission to overhaul my websites, strengthen my brand and clarify my business marketing collateral.

You might have noticed; I chose one main website to present all my products and services. It’s still in progress, but http://earmabrown.org does that quite nicely. My brands 100 Days To A Book, Write to Win Institute http://writetowin.org and the iWIN network emerged as main players in my business. I discovered after I gained clarity and focus in my own vision, I attracted more of the right people and money. You might be asking who’s the right people: you know the people that are aligned with me and my vision. The ones that want to hear what I have to say and teach. Also, the ones that don’t mind and are even happy to pay for my services and products.

Favorite 2023 Tool: In the words of someone who grew up in the 70s, I re-discovered a love for my main squeeze (my computer). I was limping along with a five year old computer which had crashed several times during the year. I purchased a new HP and felt revived, refreshed and renewed with energy and appetite for work. And yes, I plan to purchase an Apple computer but it will be later. Right now, I’m hoping for a new laptop in the Christmas stocking. (smile) I plan to do even more in the coming year. For my friends and customers that have been evolving with me I have two new products re-launching early 2023.

Self Publishing Your Words Your Way, a 12 week step by step guide and course of self publishing your own book. Like the 100 Days To A Book course, it will have a Fast Track Module inside. We’ll cover everything from setting up your own publishing company, just publishing your own work the way you want, covers, printers, distribution and marketing.

40 Ideas To Income program, where I teach my customers of aspiring authorpreneurs, writerpreneurs and indie publishers to cash their knowledge and create their very own signature products, programs and services. (Coming Soon)

Favorite Authorpreneur Service: My favorite service has been my email campaign service with Getresponse.com. I use this service to pre-set enewsletter mailings, reminder notes to my customers, facilitate and distribute my many email courses, autoresponder responses. I use it to stay in touch with those who have shown interest in my work, products and services. I eventually want to bring this service in-house to save on monthly expenses but for now they have been good to me.

Favorite ecommerce tool: I love my shopping carts. You can go here to visit one: BooksByEarma.com About three to four years ago, I invested in a couple of shopping carts $295 each and brought this service in-house. I used to use GoDaddy’s shopping cart; they fit my shoestring budget at $9/mo. Currently, I use Interspire Shopping Carts and love them. I don’t like that I have to pay for a years worth of updates at a time. But, even with missing some updates it’s still been one of my best decisions. Interspire, in recent years, has released their hosted version called BigCommerce.com If you’re just getting started or don’t mind the montly fee you might consider Interspire’s Big Commerce or GoDaddy’s version. Just so you’ll know, you need to invest in an annual SSL certificate with a cart. I am also testing Shopperpress for WordPress. The verdict is still out; but I will let you know. With the carts I use, it gives me a centralized back-end control, ability to analyze my sales and much more. For 2023, Shopify is the new trial…

Favorite Social Media Manager: I love using my social media manager of choice; I use Hootsuite.com. I say choice because there are lots of others. Hootsuite.com is just the one I settled on. I can easily track, post, schedule my social media input and marketing. I use it for my tweets and several platforms of post, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Ning. For example, I usually schedule or delegate it to be scheduled a month at a time of posts and tweets for several different websites. That’s why I smile when some of my friends say to me, you sure are online a lot. If I had to be online every time a post or tweet was made, I would not get a lot of work done. My favorite tip of ‘focus, streamline and clarify’ would already be lost and dissolved.

Favorite Mentors (people I’ve learned from:) Please know when I say mentor in this context, it doesn’t necessarily mean I have personally met them. It means, I read their blogs, books, purchased their products,  services and value their opinion about some business matters. With that said, the favorite people I’ve learned from this year and what they are most known for are: Jim Cockrum/101 Free Marketing, Judy Cullins/Book Coach, Sheri McConnell/Smart Women’s Institute, Diane Cunningham/NACW, Bob Bly/America’s Top Copywriter, Lashanda Henry/BBWO.

Thank you for reading the Write to Win blog last year. My greatest hope is that it has been helpful to you. Don’t forget to reminisce with me over the year 2022 and post your favorite moment, lesson, resource, service, mentor or tip. Happy New Year!


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